Kevin Kolb notes from an Eagles fan


Kevin Kolbs, Strenghs and Weaknesses.



Super Accurate: Kevin has great touch on his passes, and is very accurate in short to mid range throws. If you look back at his film, you will see him make some passes into some small spaces.


Effective in Red Zone: Former Eagles Secondary coach was on the record saying that the biggest challenge he faces with the Eagles secondary was beating Kolb in the Red zone in practice. Time and time again, Kolb throw the TD in practice with the scout team on the Eagles starting Defense. He is excellent and making those short throws. He has GREAT velocity on his passes, and still maintains touch.


His passes have Touch. DeSean Jackson was asked the different between McNabb and Kolb, Jackson responded "Kolb’s passes are like catching pillows". Jason Avant was once asked the difference, he said "Donovan puts the ball on your body; Kevin puts it away from you so you can extend your arms". Kevin was trained to throw the ball 1-2 feet away from the WR, as to allow him to extend his body, and get him running in specific direction. He does not throw directly to a WR, rather a tad bit away. You cannot mistake this for inaccuracy, rather he is making it easier to catch the ball for WR.


He is one of the best QB I have EVER seen throwing on the run. Yes, you heard that right, this man practices every day in throwing off the run, and he is accurate at doing it. He doesn’t have Elway’s cannon, but he can sling it in middle of a dead sprint. Trust me on this, is very odd to see this skill from a QB


Improved pocket presence. He once struggled at that, but he is better at it. He steps up well in the pocket, Granted its not yet a strength of his, but he its not a problem. He feels the rush well and will step up and deliver the ball.


Surprisingly mobile. He isn’t Michael Vick, but he isn’t the statue Kurt Warner. Kevin isn’t afraid to tuck it down and run. He is slow as dirt, and has no athletic cutting skills, but he has surprising escape ability. And he is a willing runner.


He makes a ton of safe throws, He was trained by Andy to read the Defense and take what they give you. If that’s a check down, that a check down he will take. He was trained not to press; He can run a offense safely.


He is an excellent nature leader, a lot like Drew Brees. He always says the right thing.


Let me address is Interceptions.

First off, anyone who saw him play would tell you at least 4 of those were not his fault. Kevin came off the bench from time to time, and the change of velocity from Kevin and Donovan or Vick is a lot for a WR. So a lot of his picks were passes that bounced off of WRs shoulder passes or helmets that bounced STRAIGT in the air.

That happened at least 4-5 times with him. Not his fault, chance of pace hard for WRs, they just didn’t adapt quick enough, for the most part, the passes were there.


He also 2 a hail Mary that was picked a few dropped TD passes that were desperation throws that were picked. Not really his fault. I would say he threw a good 2 legit picks, maybe three.




Kevin has a tendency of staring down receivers. Wiz has gotta get him to stop doing that. It will burn him eventually


Although he customary runs an offense as designed. If the offense isn’t running smooth he feels the need to make plays and begins to PRESS throws or make the wrong read or throw into double coverage. He is a GUN SLINGER and a half. He makes Jay Cutler look timid. Kevin has monster stones to even attempt some of the passes he does. He is just trying to make a play, he naturally is a lot like Favre, but the coach has to stay on top of him to not let him loose focus and freestyle. Some QBs can pull off that style of free styling, but it tends to burn Kevin as he will not look for the Safety of check to see if an LB is hiding, because he is focused on making a play and not following his progressions. This causes some dumb passes and some senseless picks. This is a result of frustration, it doesn’t happen much, but if you are trailing, he will let it fly without caution.


I didn’t like his body language his first GB game, he kind of showed his frustration and lacked energy. Very rare for him, but you could see the pressure got to him. Maybe it was butterflies, hopefully a few starts shook that off of him, as he performed well the remainder of the year.


He doesn’t have a great deep ball, but its adequate.


Overall, Kevin is a very good QB, if he came out the draft last year, he would have been the number 1 pick. So even though the price you paid was high, you are getting a true stud. It Kevin’s limited play he ranked # 14 last year in most QB stats, only off of 4 starts. He has won Offensive player of the week 2 times, and should have won it 1 more time.


Bottom line, with good coaching and a decent protection, Kevin can read a defense and make the right throw. If you call a ton of 10-15 yard passes and throws he can make in 3-5 steps, he will murder a defense. If you need Kevin to throw deep all day to Fitzy, then you made the wrong choice. Kevin is a mid-short range guy who sets up the long throw. He is a LOT like Warner, he needs to be in a rhythm, when he is, he is as good as they get.


Enjoy him, he will put you in the playoffs in at least a year. Trust me.

(Please excuse my indenations, had a problem in fixing it on this site)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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