NFL Lockout News: This Week's Schedule And Lawyers

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - MARCH 03: A view of Sun Life Stadium behind a locked gate as the NFL lockout looms on March 3, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The labor negotiations are set to continue on Tuesday and talks are scheduled to all through the rest of the week, as we languish amidst the almost four month long NFL lockout. While my personal prediction was foiled in having a new CBA, there is still a chance that ESPN's Adam Schefter could be right on in saying that he would guess July 8 as the day. 

According to NFL Network reporter Albert Breer, we are getting ever so dangerously close to the point where preseason games will be lost. He believes that July 15 is the danger date. If preseason games are lost, it will be bad for both sides. 

Each week of the preseason brings an estimated $200 million in revenue, which is included in the pie that is divided with the players. Less revenue, less split, players and owners make less money. That is kind of counterproductive. 

Tuesday and Wednesday are set to be talks between attorneys and staff from both sides, including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and players representative DeMaurice Smith (late correction: per a corrected report by Breer, ne. The players and owners are set to join them on Thursday and Friday. These talks are taking place in New York. 

Another side story to look at is from what writer Mike Freeman wrote. He wrote an open letter to DeMaurice Smith, requesting that he dump the players' lawyers.

We in the community have more or less been in favor of this, but Freeman makes the claim that the player lawyers are trying to convince their party to not strike a settlement, as they would like their cut in the perhaps $12 billion in damages from the Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit.

If this is even close to being true,  they are not looking out for the players. Yes, in the long run it could possibly be better for the players as a whole, but all of the players that are not the type to get superstar contracts will lose football life and money they will not likely ever to recover. 

We all have known that negotiations and settling was going to be the best way to go. The fact that they continue to talk this late tells us that there is a deal to be had. They aren't going to just waste their time. They just need to get it hammered out promptly. The first training camps are scheduled to begin July 22. 

This week really should be that week.

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