Reviewing each Kevin Kolb play

After watching the game Thu, I went back to review the game again.  I like to do this in the pre-season to watch specific players.  This is just a review of each offensive play where Kolb was in the game with the starters.  Its just pre-season game 1, but I wanted to see how the offense looked with Kolb, and specifically, I was watching the O Line.  So here you go - (after the jump) my two cent review of what I saw in each play based on the TV telecast.  I admit there may be other things you see in the replays that I may have missed.

1st Series

#1:  Run play left side:  Levi Brown's guy blows right by him and tackles Beanie for no gain.  Disappointing

#2:  Raiders Blitz.  Quick Release.  Kolb and Fitz miscommunicate on the route.  Incomplete

#3:  3rd and 10.  Pass play.  Pocket protection looks good for everyone except Keith, whose guy runs by him on the outside and forces Kolb to scramble right.  Kolb picks up the first down.  Keith looks like he looked last year on this play.

#4:  Quick release throw to Doucet.  No gain.  Argument could be made Doucet could've gotten a few more yards.

#5:  Pass play.  Protection seemed ok.  Pressure comes from the left side.  Kolb scrambles to the right and misses King.  Ball deflected.  Incomplete

#6:  3rd and 11.  Kolb sacked.  Keith's guy makes the sack.  Could've been a coverage sack as I count 4 seconds that Kolb's in the pocket before he's sacked.  That said, it looked like Keith should've stayed on his guy, and he may have thought the ball was out.  Not a very good first series for Keith or Brown.  Punt

2nd Series

#1:  Heap lines up in backfield.  Shifts to TE.  Pass play to Heap, who released left.  8 yard gain

#2:  Kolb's bomb to Fitz.  Gain of 43.  Quick 3 second release.  Protection was OK.

#3:  Long pass.  Incomplete to Fitz (may have been the same or similar play as before).  Protection ok

#4:  False Start - Doucet

#4a:  Kolb to Fitz.  Gain of 17.  Quick release.  Protection ok

#5:  Run play.  Beanie bounces outside gain of 13.  No opening on the left side where the play was intended.  Beanie reads correctly, bounced outside and broke a tackle to make this happen.

#6:  1st and Goal.  Good line blocking on left side by Sendlein, Colledge, Brown, and King.  Gain of 5 to the 3.  Not sure if this is the play referenced by Beanie.  Looks like he could've scored if he cut left after busting thru the hole.

#7:  2nd and Goal.  More good blocking this time by Heap, Brown and Colledge on the left side.  Gain of 2.  Ball pops out but is ruled dead.  Ball is on the 1 now.

#8:  3rd and Goal.  Run right side.  No gain.  Everything was jammed up.  This may have been the play referenced by Beanie also, as it looked like if he had gone a little left he had daylight into endzone.   Instead there is no hole, and he just plows into the wall for no gain.

#9:  4th and Goal.  Shotgun formation.  Draw play.  Just a horrible play.  All the o line are stood up and there is no where for Beanie to go.  Turnover on downs.  Kolb is done for the night.

What does it all mean?  I think a lot of the post-game comments in the forum have been pretty good.  Specifically, the ones pointing to the performance of the O Line and Beanie.  But even so, there were still some good plays by these guys (even if against some of OAKs 2's).  Its only the first game, and there's lots of rust.  By no means am I giving those guys a pass, but I liked some of the blocking.  It just needs to be more consistent.  We had no injuries, and at least now they have game film to review and analyze.  There does need to be improvement and greater consistency (ie:  Keith, Brown, Beanie) in the next game. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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