Pre Season game #3 my thoughts

Here is what I see from a game that I wasn't able to watch.  

- Beanie Wells 10 carries for 64 yards.  Ill take 6.4 ypc every day of the week.  Give him a ball until they put 9 men in the box then throw to a tight end because fitz will be double teamed.

- Kevin Kolb was jacked up and that more than anything lead to his inacuracy, He was a solid 8-9 after starting the game 3-8 i think.  Here is the important part.  No INT's all preseason.  He knows when to throw it away, run or just take the sack.  

- Patrick Peterson got a pick six which is awsome.  Looks like he is getting a better grasp on the game and the speed.  

-Our running game.  Our two rb's ran the ball 16 times for over 100 yards.  We do that in the regular season we are going to win 10 games this year because people will have to respect the running game.  

-O line as much as people are worried about this I am not because they are opening holes for the running game which will make pass pro easier because play action which will freeze lbs for a split second and klob is smart his internal clock is on pace with o lines right now.  Plus when you are down 24 - 20 and have seven minutes left it going to be nice to shove it down their throats with our line and hand off 15 times in a row and know your going to score a td with 30 seconds left.  Run blocking = easier pass blocking = better passing game = more wins.

-As a team i don't know if we had a turn over all preseason (please forgive me I forget).  Im impressed with that after last year and the fact of the matter is these players have been together for 21 days some of them.  That is damn impressive.  Rb's are holding on to the ball.  Klob is already throwing the ball where our receivers can catch them and no one else.  And I think once we stop playing bland boring defense we will start getting more turn overs.

-Last but not least.  Offence is play calling to our strengths as a team.  running game (jesus never thought I would be able to say that in 1000 years,  I wasn't born the last time that was a strength of this team), play action passes to the tight ends, and every so often a trick play pass to fitz (and by trick play i mean a designed pass to fitz)

- Concerns, pass rush.  Now like i said we are playing boring football which is base and boring as hell.  D line are there to control linemen so they stay off lbs and lbs in 3-4 are the sack masters.  they did a nice job of wining 1 on 1 battles in Gb and i didnt get to see SD game hell maybe they knocked the crap out of rivers but never got "the sack"  when ray starts blitzing in the regular season that means that cc or docket will get singled teamed because i think he will design the blitz that way make a o line pick it up and now 1 on 1 they will win alot of battles.  its a concern but its not something that cant be fixed by blitzing.


As for how this team goes since this is the last action i will see them in.  honestly they played the sb champs and #1 offence and defense last year  leading both when starters went out with boring bland play calling.   They look like they might have 2 1000 yard runners (well in LSH case he may run for 500 and catch for 500 but so be it) fitz and Klob look ready for sb already good thing they worked out.  and the fact we play in a weak division (i think they will win 5 of the 6 division games) im guessing they will win 10 games this year...  GO BIG RED!  (oh yea Dallas sucks).... oh btw ROtB moderator any chance i can "cover' the Dallas game for you and i can borrow your press pass.... i represent fair reporting for both teams.... :)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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