Crack shot at the roster Part 1 (Before the cuts)

Hey guys, I remember I did this last year so guess what I'm doing it again, I will try my best to predict the roster of the '11 season you may give your imput if you'd like. Also I will give my list of people who have a small shot of making it, but I'm pulling for them to overcome the small shot. Projected roster and position on deph chart after the jump....


QB: Kevin Kolb #4, John Skelton #19, Richard Bartel #2* *his veteran status will help him beat out Max Hall

RB: Beanie Wells #26, Ryan Williams #34, LaRod Stephens-Howling #36, Alfonso Smith #46

FB: Anthony Sherman #35* From what I have heard he is a great blocker and great on special teams he could have this locked down.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald #11, Andre Roberts #12, Early Doucet #85, Chansi Stuckey #17, Stephen Williams #18, Max Komar #10, DeMarco Sampson #89^* * He is showing potential although one of the last three could wind up on practice squad.

TE: Todd Heap #86, Jeff King #87, Rob Housler #84, Jim Dray #81* *The coaches love this guy and plus he is a good special teamer.

C: Lyle Sendlein #63, Ben Claxton #62, Rex Hadnot #70

G: Deuce Lutui #76, Daryn Colledge #71,  Floyd Womack #78

T: Jeremy Bridges #73, D'Anthony Batiste #74, Levi Brown #75,

Total Players: 27/53** Subject to change....


CB: Richard Marshall #31*, Greg Toler #28, Patrick Peterson #21*, Michael Adams #27, A.J. Jefferson #20, Marshay Green #30^ *these guys may switch on depth chart barring Peterson in pre-season

DE: Calais Campbell #93, Vonnie Holliday #91, David Carter #79.

DT: Darnell Dockett #90, Dan Williams #92, Nick Eason #98, Ricky Lumpkin #60^ ^is a long shot but with the lack of depth he will make it.

OLB: Joey Porter #55, Clark Haggans #53, O'Brien Schofield #50, Sam Acho #94

ILB: Daryl Washington #58, Paris Lenon #51, Stewart Bradley #97, Quan Sturdivant #54

S: Adrian Wilson #24, Kerry Rhodes #25, Jered Campbell #32^*, Andrew Rich #38^*, Hazma Abdullah #23*, Rashad Johson #49* *I am only speculating that they make it and if they do you may not see Hazma or Rashad mainly becasue Hazma is mainly used for special teams and Rashad is not playing as well as the Cardinals hoped.

Total: 23/53

Special Teams:

K: Jay Feely #3

P: Ben Graham #5

LS: Mike Leach #82

Total: 3/53

Practice Squad:

Marshay Green^ #30, Andrew Rich #38^, Jered Cambell #32, Tom Pestock #68, Max Hall $6, Kris O'Dowd #60, D.J Young #67 (Stephen Skelton #44 may make it if Campbell and/or Rich make the team, and if they both make it don't be suprised to see another camp body on this PS)

Total: 7/7

the ones with the ^ by them are the ones I hope can make the team and were not counted in my totals.

So I ask what do you think of this roster?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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