Whiz is on my Hot Seat!!

I am extremely frustrated at this loss. I have always been a supporter of whiz, but that is starting to change. As of today he no longer has my vote of confidence and to me, his job should not be considered as safe. This is a game we should have won, but our coaching staff lost it for us. And the problems we have now will not go away this season.

Whiz is out of time and excuses. He has had 5 seasons to make this team his own. He has failed to do that. When he took over the team we were not good and instead of blowing up the roster and getting a young core and coaching them, he added aging steeler after aging steeler to try and bring their culture here. I was initially a supporter of this as the steelers are a great franchise. That being said, 5 years into his tenure we still have the same problems we did 5 years ago. Aging pass rushers who do not have a burst and terrible OT's who cannot pass protect. The most important positions on an NFL team are (in order); QB, OT (blindside protector, usually LT), and a pass rusher (DE or OLB). We have not had any of those other then when Warner had his resurgence (lucky and unexpected if you asked me, meaning it was not because of the coaching or scouting) and now Kolb.

Finally in his 5th season he has a franchise QB. Again, I love Warner and he was a brilliant surprise, but instead of having him groom a young high draft pick (farve-rogers, Mcnabb- kolb), He held onto Leinart unsure if he was ready to use him or trust him. Since whiz got here he has done a poor job of handling the QB situation. Again, yes he gave warner the chance and that paid off, but warner was in the twilight of his career and we were not ready for him to retire. brutal preparation at the most important position.

Whiz's drafting has been poor. In My opinion it is a huge problem that we have drafted peripheral positions consistently in the first rounds(CB, WR, ILB, RB). Since whiz has been here we have only once drafted one of the most important positions in the first round, and unfortunately Levi Brown busted (at tackle). I still think Brown would be an outstanding Guard, but unfortunately we do not have better options at tackle so there he must remain. It is Leonard Davis all over again.

We have consistently had a poor Offensive line. to me this is the most important part of the Offense (maybe the whole team). If you have a good O line almost any QB will be serviceable and any running back will be. Since whiz has been here we have drafted 4 O linemen. Brown (1st- 07), House (5th-09), Canfield (7th-09), and Keith (7th-08). THIS IS BRUTAL!! Over the same time frame the green bay packers have drafted 9 O linemen, (5 of them in the 4th round or higher) and that is with them already having Tausher and Clifton. the Steelers have drafted 8 O linemen over that time, and the patriots have drafted 11. I understand that we have Russ Grimm, a brilliant line coach. Hmmm... by what I hope is sound reasoning, either his is not the genius that we have all been led to believe OR we have not supplied him with enough talent to create a good O line. Is there a third option I am missing?

Continuing on this little Offensive Line rant of mine, I will say that a good coach tailors his playing style to fit his players strengths. Brandon Keith and Levi Brown, although terrible in pass protection are huge men who are extremely strong. Why not run the ball more? especially early (like last game). It is my understanding that o linemen love to run block because instead of waiting to be attacked they get to attack. I can only assume that this gets them into the game as it allows them to get there mitts on some smaller players and physically wear them down. This in turn will pay off later in a game when pass rushers are not as fresh because they are tired from trying to hold the point of attack or set the edge against big strong linemen. RUN THE BALL KEN!! help out your line, help out your defense and run the ball early and often. You took everything with you from the Steelers except their ability to commit to the run.

We look at our O line as the problem and I say nay. It is our coach that is the problem if he cannot correct our O line woes in 5 YEARS!! so from now on every time Levi Brown gets a false start, or beat for a sack I am placing the blame squarely on Whiz for not being able to fix this in 5 YEARS! He preaches competition in camp and pushing each other. Who has been brought in to push Levi? a young draftee? proven vet? hmmm, some consistency please.

the third most important thing on an NFL team is a pass rusher. Here is a list of players I believe whiz drafted to be pass rushers. Acho, Scho, Cody Brown, will davis and maybe CC. but considering we play a 3-4, mostly we need a OLB who can rush. only 2 of these guys are on the roster (not including CC) and it is mainly because they are recent draft picks. We have not had a player with over 10 sacks in a season since whiz has been in the desert. We play a 3-4 defense even though our best pass rushers are a SS and 2 d linemen who weigh almost 300 pounds. yikes. again, why is this? whiz has had 5 seasons and he has not found anyone. bouncing from stopgap to stopgap. okeafor, berry, haggans, porter, all to old. it puts a lot of pressure on a defense when you need to send 5,6, or 7 guys just to get pressure on a QB. Yet nothing has been done to fix this problem.

Game Planning- I feel that whiz is a bad game planner. Our biggest problem last year was our inability to sustain drives and keep our Defense of the field. Beanie is averaging over 5 YPC! that is outstanding and yet we ran the ball 3 times in the first half against the redskins. 3 TIMES!! just stupid. yes this might be mike millers fault, but who put Mr. Miller in charge of our offense? 

Once I finally took my loyal fan blinders off I realized that we are not much better off as a franchise right now then when whiz first arrived. we still rely completely on the pass (and there is a difference between being a pass first team and relying on the pass), cannot generate and pass rush, commit undisciplined penalties, and are inconsistent. we have had and continue to have one of the older rosters in the NFL and yet with all this veteran experience, we still are inconsistent. And it is pissing me off that Whiz is still getting a free pass basically for what Kurt Warner accomplished. What has whiz done to ensure such bulletproof faith? what players have been coached up? What problems has he solved? We are not heavily favored to win the lowly NFC West and yet our coach, in his 5th year is totally secure. Not to me. In my opinion, His seat is, or at least it should be starting to heat up.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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