RotB Game Ball, NFL Week 2: Cardinals/Redskins

We already have a Cardinal of the Week poll so that we all can decide on who was the player of the game each week. However, as Samsung is sponsoring a "game ball" series, we will be doing a second similar post. 

Each week on Tuesday, we as a group of writers will present our individual picks for the player to whom we would give a game ball. You will see each writer's choice and a quick blurb explaining the reason why. 

I did not expect to be able to add the writers' choices this week, but they responded very quickly, so it is a partial panel this week.

Jess Root

As of Monday night, Beanie Wells is the leading vote-getter in the Cardinal of the Week poll. He is certainly deserving.

However, he is not my pick. My game ball goes to...Calais Campbell.

Calais gets the game ball because of his blocked field goal. He had four tackles and hit Rex Grossman a couple of times, and he even deflected a pass as well that almost became a turnover. However, during the first half when the Redskins were completely manhandling the Cardinals, Campbell took points away from Washington. It took the momentum away from them and kept the game close. 

Kevin Kolb played very well, Beanie was great, but Calais gets the Samsung game ball in Week 2. 


My game ball for this week would go to Beanie Wells, for showing that when the coaches finally call his number he's willing and able to shoulder the load and produce!

Next for would be Calais, that blocked FG was almost enough.


My game ball goes to Kevin Kolb. He could've quit after his interception, but he came back and made the game close. In fact, I completely believe that if Chansi Stuckey hadn't fumbled the ball, we could've easily won the game.


My game ball goes to Chris Wells. After a second straight game of running hard, having a strong YPC of 5.7 and scoring his second TD with no fumbles, he needs to start going by a man's name because he is playing like a man.


I'd have to say Larry Fitzgerald this week. 133 YDS, 1 TD. Tied the record for Cards TD receptions.

Tyler Nickel

My game ball for the week goes to Larry Fitzgerald. Unlike the Cardinals abysmal 2010 season, Fitz was able to not only make plays underneath, but also get down field without the fear of having to dive to catch an overthrown ball. The effort is always there with Fitzgerald and despite his best attempts, the team couldn't come away with a win. 133 yards and a touchdown is more than enough for me to give the game ball to Larry Fitzgerald. 

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