Kolb In Comparison

Okay so we are 1-2.  Not the end of the world but lets be honest if we didn't play down to teams level we would be minimum 2-1 and should damn well be 3-0.  I know people are down on Kevin Kolb and let me just say first that he is taking the right amount of blame for both losses.  Lets look at the whole QB situation after the jump.

So I was thinking if we made a good trade.  I know that previously I posted that we received Kolb and Fitz for DRC and a Second round pick.  I believe that this still holds true.  Larry wouldn't of signed if we didn't try to make the team better at QB and quite frankly Kolb was the best option.  This being said this is a move the team had to make.  


As I sit here and look at the stats Im going to throw out some numbers:

318/508 4303 yards 26 TD 16 Int

259/439 3206 yards 21 TD 16 Int

285/561 2921 yards 10 TD 19 Int

The First Line is Kevin Kolb (Projected for the year), The second line is Michel Vick (Projected), and The third line is the collective we called DA, Hall, Skelton (sp?), and Bartel last year henceforth called Dog Crap Quartet (DCQ for short)  As we can see Kolb is on pace to far outdo DCQ .  I think even the Kolb trade haters would admit they expected this.  Now as you can see I put in Vicks numbers for reference because vick got 100 million dollar contract for 6 years.  I would say that vick is good for 800 yards and at least 5 rushing tds on the ground because of the type of qb that he is.  With that it looks like we got a younger qb, with the same stats  for and even trade (see second and DRC for Fitz and Kolb above) and a savings of 37million dollars over the next six years.  

We can all see that he is a better option over DCQ and though I think that the INT's in Seattle and the pitch to Beanie in Washington cost us the game, Kolb had 58 days between the end of the lockout and Seattle game.  Did you learn everything about your job in the first 60 days.  If you say yes did it involve timing between players, and learning everything from making the right steps so your center doesn't step on your foot  to plays names and what to do with it with every single defense. Oh and you are doing this in front of 10 million fans half who don't believe in you as a QB.

Its time to get behind your Quarterback, Fans, Haters, Everyone in Arizona, Line Men, Wide Receiver's, Defense, Big guy in the end zone dancing to pump up the crowd (does he still go cuz i haven't been sense O9 but i remember him in Sun Devil Stadium every game for 6 years).  For you Kevin... Its your time to shine.  At home vs Giants win would make up for the mistakes.  G-men are an east coast team that people will notice a big win.  I don't want a 3 point win I want 21 minimum and The Giants better score a late TD to get to that number.  

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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