My Top 5: 1st rd draft prospects, Series 2

So yesterday I covered David Decastro, the consensus number 1 OG in this years draft. Today I will cover this guy:

Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State - 6'7 - 320

  • A tall, long armed, athletically built offensive tackle. Displays good initial quickness off the snap in the pass game. Demonstrates the ability to keep his base down on his initial power step off the line from a two-point stance, but will bend at the waist and get upright when asked to play from a three point stance. Nevertheless, the guy can bend.
  • Shows natural fluidity in the hips and good short area quickness toward the edge and when asked to mirror. Struggles with balance and footwork at times, gets overextended when trying to shuffle and slide on a counter. Needs to continue to clean up his lower half technique and do a better job staying more compact and balanced when changing directions. However, looks much more balanced as a senior and seems more patient in space and trusts his technique much more in 2011. Is long armed and keeps his hands up in order to protect his frame, and again has improved his punch as a senior, looking more coordinated and patient into contact as he keeps his chest plate clean.

  • Is an athletic kid who has a burst off the football and when he keeps his pad level own he can create a jolt. At times will get upright which negates his leverage, but does have some in-line power. Is at his best crashing down the line inside and delivering a nasty punch in order to seal the edge. Also, possesses the short area quickness/coordination to reach blocks on the edge and is comfortable in space. Gets a bit overextended trying to breakdown, but for the most part will hit his man. Will miss the first five games of the season for being part of the Ohio State scandal where he was said to have sold memorabilia for benefits.

  • Impression: He's a talented kid with a big frame, long arms and natural movement skills. He can bend and if he can put it all together and continue to improve his footwork he could certainly mature into a starting caliber left tackle in the NFL.

Mike Adams showed well with his performance at the Senior Bowl. He was able to protect the QB from some of the countries premiere pass rushers. He did well moving his feet and keeping the rusher on the edge. He has all the physical tools and technique to be great, and his stock rose undoubtedly based on his performance. Most believe he can be a very good LT at the NFL level. While he does come with some baggage and character concerns, I think our team has enough quality leadership from our veterans and a good atmosphere to make those concerns a non issue. Based on talent alone, I believe he is the 2nd best OT prospect after Matt Kalil, but do to the character concerns his stock fell. He could very well be the steal of the first round.

The best part about this scenario is that Adams is projected to be available into the 20s. If we can find a willing trade partner, perhaps a team that falls in love with Kuechly or somebody most likely gone before their pick, we can trade down with them for an additional draft pick, thus securing perhaps a 2nd rounder and a great prospect at OT. This may be my personal favorite because

A) I really like Adams and believe he is a better prospect then Reiff and Martin which makes this pick an incredible bargain.

B) We get a 2nd or extra 3rd round pick.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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