1-9-12 Around The Rest Of The NFC West: More Jeff Fisher, Ray Horton, Matt Flynn And Preparing For The Saints

Today in the NFC West, we naturally have Jeff Fisher updates. However, it seems that Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton is the Rams backup plan, to the chagrin of Arizona Cardinals fans. The Seahawks look at Matt Flynn as possibly a candidate for their starting QB position in 2012.

The 49ers blog is focused on other things -- the playoffs. They play the New Orleans Saints this weekend, so they we can find injury updates and game talk. Too bad its not the Cardinals.

The links are after the jump. We invite you read the ones that look interesting.

San Francisco 49ers:

49ers Vs. Saints Injury Report: Delanie Walker, Lance Moore Looking Doubtful For The Weekend - Niners Nation

We break down preliminary injury 49ers-Saints news heading into the game week.

2012 NFL Playoffs: 49ers Welcome Saints In Divisional Round Matchup - Niners Nation
We take a preliminary look at the Saints offensive attack as they come to Candlestick Park to face the San Francisco 49ers.

Delanie Walker Injury Update: Coach Harbaugh Will Not Rule Him Out - Niners Nation
49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh just got finished chatting with the media and he dropped some intriguing information about Delanie Walker that could be read in a couple different ways. Coach Harbaugh was asked about whether the team would make a roster move to replace Walker and he said they would not make a move, but would instead keep the spot open for Walker. Coach Harbaugh said the team had received some great news about Walker last Wednesday and that he had made tremendous progress and had great powers of healing.

49ers Vs. Saints: Where Do Frank Gore And Kendall Hunter Factor In? - Niners Nation
One of the common comments about the 49ers offense facing off against the Saints defense is the idea that the Frank Gore and the 49ers will need to dominate the rushing attack in order to keep Drew Brees and the Saints offense off the field. Frank Gore put together his second best single season total, finishing with 1,211 yards on 4.3 yards per carry.

Seattle Sehawks:

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part II - Field Gulls

Analyzing players is an extremely context-sensitive occupation. It's much harder to analyze players on other teams because of that, as you have to establish the system and level of play around him prior to be able to isolate his performance to any meaningful extent. Obviously, you can never isolate it fully, no matter how well you understand the system, but it only becomes harder as your familiarity with the surrounding talent/system lessens. That's not just true for me as an amateur, it's true for the pros as well. That's what makes players like Matt Flynn so hard to scout, and adds to them being risky propositions.

2011 Seattle Seahawks Season Review: Fun With Stats - Field Gulls
Let's take a minute to look at some stats that Chad Davis of DraftBreakdown collected from the NFLGSIS in lieu of his normal formations tracking for each week, and ponder what they may mean. As a precursor, and I'm sure we'll get to this a lot during the offseason, the more I think back on the season and take a look at some of the statistics accumulated, the more it becomes apparent that the Seahawks' offense was really... marginal. Football Outsiders had the Seahawks ranked 22nd in offensive DVOA, one spot above Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos and below teams like the Matt Moore led Miami Dolphins, the Mark Sanchez-led Jets, the Redskins, Oakland, Buffalo, and Matt Hasselbeck's Titans.

St. Louis Rams:

Jeff Fisher: No Decision Until Tuesday Or Wednesday - Turf Show Times

Jeff Fisher came to St. Louis on Sunday and left after spending about four hours visiting with the St. Louis Rams. He even took some time to visit with Sam Bradford. The only question left to answer is whether or not he'll return to St. Louis on a more permanent basis. Or will he choose Miami?

NFL Free Agents: Rams Prepared To Lose Brandon Lloyd - Turf Show Times
Josh McDaniels is gone, another ghost of a failed past exorcised from Rams Park. Like most things, letting McDaniels walk away is not as simple as it sounds. His loss will have an impact on the St. Louis Rams' roster, at a position where the teams has been hurting for a long time.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Wide Receiver Or Bust! - Turf Show Times
The latest and greatest 2012 NFL Mock Draft is out over at the SB Nation flagship. This one reflects the further refined draft order which got a little more sorting after this weekend's Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. Of course, the St. Louis Rams have been settled into the second spot since the closing minutes of the season. What will they do with that second overall pick?

Another Jeff Fisher Update? Yes. - Turf Show Times
What good is a 24-hour, minute-by-minute news cycle if you haven't had a Jeff Fisher update in at least three hours? We're sort of ashamed. Sort of. Surprisingly enough there isn't much news to report, other than a handful of anecdotal stuff trickling in from various places.

Have The Rams Settled On A Backup Plan If Jeff Fisher Turns Them Down? - Turf Show Times
Since you haven't been reminded of this fact in at least a couple hour, Jeff Fisher remains undecided about whether or not to take a head coaching job with the St. Louis Rams or the Miami Dolphins. Many seem to think that Fisher ends up in St. Louis, and the Dolphins have already started turning over rocks for Plan B. It begs the question as to what the Rams have in mind for a backup plan should Fisher opt for sunny Florida. They may have already found their second option in Ray Horton.

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