Arizona Cardinals vs. Miami Dolphins: Play of the game.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

What was the play of the game in the Cardinals overtime victory over the Dolphins?

A momentum turning moment. That instant where the game shifts in favor of one team or another. Yesterday's overtime winner for the Arizona Cardinals had plenty of these plays, for both the Cards and the Miami Dolphins. Which of these game changing plays could be considered the play of the game?

As with last week, there were a few god plays that just didn't quite have enough oompf to make the list. Three of the four sacks the Cards had yesterday are in this category, 1 each by O'Brien Schofield, Sam Acho, and Adrian Wilson. Patrick Peterson's sixty plus yard fumble return inside the five yard line is another good play that falls just short of the cut.

So where does that leave us? With seven contenders. Each of the seven were turnovers or points on the board. Without further ado, the nominees are listed below.

Points on the board, and the very first of the Cardinals afternoon. Silent until the second half, the Cardinals marched to the Dolphins three yard line when Kevin Kolb took the snap and quickly threw a strike to the outside. Larry Fitzgerald circles around a block and through traffic for six points.

Remember the player Greg Toler was before he injured his knee? It appears Toler is recovery nicely, as his day yesterday showed. To cap off a solid performance, Toler even picked off Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill.

Andre Roberts, I've already said he is my player of the game. This play exemplifies why. Firstly, it puts points on the board. Secondly, it was a big play going for forty-six yards. Off play action, and right after a nice gain from Rob Houselr down the seam, Kevin Kolb finds Roberts behind all the defenders and delivers a bomb that Robert's YAC turns into a TD.

Raise your hand if you're happy Daryl Washington extended his contract with the Cards. I am. He has been a force all season, and yesterday flashed this gem of a play. Off the snap, and perfectly timed, Washington blows through the center/guard gap and separates Tannehill from the ball eight yards into the backfield. Further heads up play from veteran Vonnie Holliday allows the Cards to recover the ball.

More points on the board, again courtesy of the Kolb to Roberts connection. This one happened to be a fifteen yard touch play into the end zone, with Robert's making the catch and ensuring he touched both feet down before being pushed out of bounds.

Overtime. Feel the pressure. Speaking of pressure, Paris Lenon provided some timely pressure of his own, coming up the middle and putting his hands all over Tannehill, forcing a poor throw that FS Kerry Rhodes plucked down. Did I mention this is in overtime?

Last but not least, more points on the board. In overtime, for the win, Jay Feely lines up for a forty-six yard field goal attempt and puts it clean through the middle of the upright. Final score, 24 - 21 Arizona.

My pick for play for play of the game has to be the Lenon/Rhodes connection to force a turnover in overtime and give the Cardinals a chance to put the game away.

How about your play of the game? Let the world know with the poll below.

And don't forget, the Cardinals play the St. Louis Rams this Thursday.

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