Position group grades and some extras through week 6.

Defense: The unit as a whole have given up the occasional big play since the last post, but they are still clamping down opponents. Grade: B+

Secondary: William Gay has struggled a bit and Kerry Rhodes may be down for a while with his back issues. Last season Rashad Johnson filled in and the D didn't really miss a beat. Our corners are still getting it done, A-dub will always be a force, and if Revis has his own island it's getting safe to say Peterson is making himself a peninsula. Turnovers have been coming, but given the talent I know we have the lack of them keeps this group from getting the A. Grade: B-

Linebackers: Just a force to be reckoned with, D-wash could still very well break the record for sacks by an ILB, Acho is still Mr. Consistent. Paris Lenon is playing like he has a 2 instead of a 3 as the first number of his age, and Schofield is coming on quite strong (I have a feeling his injury may be more than what we were lead to believe). Last but not least Mr. Groves is quite possibly making this our deepest group. Grade: A-

Defensive Line: Buffalo did a great job of keeping this group from dictating the game, however it's not to say they haven't performed as well as any front 3 with a hampered superstar. CC hasn't been making the havoc he did since the last post, but he's still doing his part. Dockett, whether he will admit it or not has been hampered by his hammy injury. Dan Williams will never make any noise at his position, but he is quietly the biggest performer of this group since my last post. Grade: A

Offense: This unit is stuggling, and needs to start carrying it's own weight. 3-5 more third down conversions may VERY well be enough to rest our defense enough to make the big play to win it. Grade: D+

Quarterback: It's unsettling we don't exactly know who is going to line up under center, but Kolb has been anything but impressive since the last post, and I fear teams know he won't hang back to throw the deep ball down field and it's showing with the way teams are coming at him with reckless abandon. We finally saw Skelton see some action since week 1, he attempted 10 passes while only completing 2, of course in typical John Skelton fashion the only two completions he made were what set up the team to tie the game and had the special teams unit made the second kick would have won the game. In OT he threw a boneheaded pick that lead to Buffalo's winning kick. He also apparently still can't move around on his ankle fully. Peter King made a bold prediction in the off season that Ryan Lindley would be our starter by mid-season, Mr. King may be spot on. Grade: D-

Runningback: Injuries, Injuries, Injures....Is it to much to ask for an RB that can gain yards and stay healthy? Beanie and Williams are both down for quite some time. However all hope is not exactly lost William Powell impressed me mightily running outside the tackle, the Houston Texans also lose two of their starting RB's and an undrafted man named Foster made a name for himself...One can hope Powell is the next Foster, right? LaSH is being utilized in the wrong ways, he looks terrible running up the middle, and had a heart breaking drop in OT last Sunday. I don't have much to say about Smith, except I hope he can gain positive yards. This group needs some help from the other positions. Grade: C

Wide Reciever: This group is only as good as the other one's it relies on to make plays. Fitz is still the best, Roberts is looking better with each game, and I still believe Floyd was the right choice in the first round. I'd like to see the other wideouts on the field every now and again to shake up opposing defenses. Grade: C+

Tight End: Todd Heap is still injured, (Shocking, right) much like when he was in Baltimore. King is still Mr. Solid all around, and FINALLY our QB's are finding Housler and he is making some little things happen. Grade: C

Offensive Line: Well, they have simply been offensive. What boggles my mind is this is the same group that kept the Seahawks, Patriots, and Eagles more than formidable front 7's rather quiet. It's like Miami beat up the unit's confidence, then the Rams ripped it up, and Bills kicked it when it was down. I think it's a mix of things that is responsible for this unit's poor performance, but something needs to be addressed. Batiste and Snyder's seats should be scorching for the starting position, I'd like to see what Potter and Kelemete could bring to the table, because they can't possibly be any worse than those two. Massie has also been bad, but I'm willing to chalk it up to growing pains. Grade: F

Special Teams: This unit is getting it done. Grade: B

As someone who recently just purchased the NFL rewind, I must say that when we lose and we hear Whisenhunt say "Well, we failed to execute and left some plays on the field" I used to roll my eyes, but after seeing it all I can say with conviction that our head coach is spot on. The game plans are as good as they can be, but the boneheaded lapses cost this team games. Mike Miller may not be Mr. Flashy, but he has put the team in a place to win games, and last but not least I am sooooo sick of hearing about how terrible Russ Grimm is, find me some linemen that have left this team and became budding stars elsewhere? Exactly. Reggie Wells just got a job midway through the season, Lutui is unemployed, Mike Gandy is out of the league, along with Rex Hadnot. if anything we should be thanking Russ Grimm for being a F#cking magician. I'm hoping the front office signs Chris Williams, because we could then see what Grimm is able to do with first round talent, whether or not he was overdrafted.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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