NFL Trade deadline: Cardinals interested in Bryant McKinnie? Only if the price is right

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

The Cardinals reportedly are interested in the offensive tackle.

The NFL trade deadline on Thursday, there are a few rumors swirling around. It isn't anything like what happens in major league baseball, but nonetheless there are rumors. The Arizona Cardinals desperately need improved play on the offensive line, particularly at tackle, so naturally fans hope the team does something.

Apparently, there is reported interest by the Cardinals in one player that could be moved, according to Peter King.

Could Bryant McKinnie be the answer for someone? McKinnie's the odd man out in the Baltimore tackle rotation (Michael Oher's taken his old left tackle job, with Iowa State rookie Kelechi Osemele now the right tackle. McKinnie played but 23 offensive snaps in the last three Ravens game. But he'd be a good temporary Band-Aid for the reeling Cardinals, who I hear have some interest in him. They should. Their two starting tackles are the lowest-rated tackles in the NFL, according to, which has Bobbie Massie and D'Anthony Batiste blamed for the incredible total of 25 sacks and 74 quarterback hits or hurries -- in eight games!

Now the big question is this -- if McKinnie is truly on the block, should the Cardinals pull the trigger?

That depends.

He would certainly do a better job that D'Anthony Batiste at left tackle, but is he worth a draft pick and/or a player?

On the "yes" side of this question, you say it is worth it. He would improve the Cardinals' play immediately and make them contenders in the division again. That would be worth it. Draft picks are overvalued in general and a sure thing is better than a maybe.

However, on the other side, if you want to make a better offensive line, obtaining a player that was unable to start on that team, especially one that is 33-34 years old is not the way to do that. The way to do that is through the draft. Trading away picks is not the way to do that. The team has gone the veteran route (Batiste, Jeremy Bridges, Daryn Colledge, Adam Snyder) without great results.

What is the answer? If the pick that is required is a late-round pick, or even the conditional pick the Cards will receive from the A.J. Jefferson trade, sure. It is worth it. If the Ravens would take a player only, like a Stewart Bradley, who can't seem to find his way off the bench, that is a good deal.

Is this going to happen? I would be VERY surprised if it did.

What do you say? Go get him or not? Obviously not doing it means rolling for the last half of the season with the tackles we have. That isn't good, but is mortgaging the future? That's the question.

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