5 things the Cardinals must do coming out of the bye

I've waited to see another ROTBer post one of these, to no avail, so I shall step up.

Things that should and may be done this bye week to adjust our team so that we may finish 10-6 or 9-7 anything less than that and Whisenhunt aka "Kenny" aka "Ken" aka "The Whiz" aka "That guy you all used to trust in" should be fired.

In no particular order, but I'll start with the one that everyone loves to hate.

1. Kolb should be favored for the starter's postion when his healthiness comes through. As a Skelton supporter, I will say that I have seen enough of the two quarterback's performances to merit the starter position to Kolb. I am not saying that Kolb has the higher upside or better chance for us to win. I am saying that thus far through a quarterback's worst nightmare of a season, Kolb has endured and performed better than his counterpart. In a perfect world Skelton was healthy all year and progressed in his young age, sadly this is not the fruition. Kolb fares better behind this subpar line.

2. Early Doucet is not a wide reciever to be condisered for the future. I once thought he was, but have since seen enough of him to realize he isn't. The fans once proclaimed this man to be Anquan Boldin 2.0

In Anquan's first game of his NFL career he did this: 10 receptions, 217 yards and 2 TD's.

Doucet's best game???: His one hit wonder in 2009 vs. Green Bay when he caught: 6 reception, 77 yards and 2 TD's.

We were blinded and now we can see, open the door for other players, maybe Byrd, maybe not.

3. Shift this line up! Jeez! an adulterating husband doesn't even deserve the punishment the Arizona Cardinal's line has served up it's QB. Without checking stats we are on pace for the worst offensive line in history. OH! We swapped Potter for blah blah blah so and so Batiste? In related news I just popped one of the 14 pimples on my face. Potter looked decent last game against Clay Matthew's backup. Wait til he gets some real competition, or better yet wait, til other teams get some film on him.

Batiste looked good until the 4th week mind you, than Regis, I mean Philbin saw Batiste's on film? Swim move to the inside beats him every time!

4. This is not something that should be done, but something that should be improved upon, actually yes!, something can be done. PATRICK PETERSON! PP21! PULL THIS KID FROM THE RETURN GAME! No player comes into the league fantasizing about becoming the best punt returner in the game.

I'll do you one better, no one comes in this league vowing to break the punt retuner's TD record in a season.

They come into this league to be the best and to be remembered. And how does Patrick do that? He focuses on being the best corner he can be. Cause so far this year I've seen this kid get burned by Brett Hartline, Michael Crabtree, hell even Amendola put him to shame in a quarter, and there is no denying this.

5. Coaching.

Something must be done on the sidelines to help this team, because something is holding us back. It could be Whiz, but we may not know unless he gets "released." It could be Miller, it could be Grimm with his atrocious offensive line. Anyone of these units could be deteriorating the rest of the team. No one knows outside of the team which one of these units is the true fault. They could all be the fault, but with the change of one, another could get better, but with the change of the right one, they could all get better, we just have to hope our organization is that strong to figure it out.

In conclusion, I love the Cardinals and so do you, that's why you are here at ROTB and you should remember you are chatting and communicating with a friend, because he/she love's the Cardinals too, and remember ,there truthfully, isn't a lot of us out there, hell! there might be more Jaguar fans than Cardinal fans and you should be building the fanbase not deteriorating it. Let's cheer these Cardinals on, because we all know we are capable of finishing 8-8 and 9-7 has been a wildcard in even the best years, so lets keep the hope alive and wish the best for the REDBIRDS!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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