Position Group Grades and some silver linings for the Arizona Cardinals

Defense: The ineptitude of the offense has had these guys on the field WAY to much since the last post, and the performance of the defense is slipping. Grade: B

Secondary: Well, we still have a talented group anchored by a great safety tandem, but William Gay has been getting picked on as of late, and his performance had been rather frustrating. Notable play, ripping the ball away from a Packer for an INT. Peterson is doing his part, but has not made the highlight reel. Fleming has shown up, and it ended up being the wrong way to be seen on the highlight reel, but I do like what I see from the kid and think he has the talent to eventually help the rest of the defense clamp down opposing aerial attacks. Grade: C+

Linebackers: Daryl Washington is the best linebacker nobody outside of the Cardinals fan base talks about. Acho is playing his way into being considered the steal of his draft class. Schofield is having some issues with staying healthy, but was bringing the pressure quite often before we lost him for the season. Paris Lenon, in my first post Lenon was playing like the ageless wonder, but father time seems to have traded in the Honda for the Lambo. I'll be short Paris Lenon has become a total liability for the defense as of late. He allowed the Vikings, Niners, and the hapless Packers rushing attack to embarrass the defense. Grade: C-

Defensive Line: Reports have been out about Campbell possibly being injured. We already know that Darnell Dockett had a hamstring issue earlier in the season and both just don't seem to have the same ability to shove offensive lineman backwards the way they did in the beginning of the season. Dan Williams is performing like an absolute monster and is the main reason Washington can bring the heat so well up the gut. Grade: B+

Offense: This unit is the reason the sky is falling for us here at ROTB. It is riddled with injuries, but the performances they have been putting up have been absolutely embarrassing as of late. Grade: D-

Quarterback: Skelton has not looked very good since Kolb went down with injury. While the fault of the offensive ineptness can not completely fall on his shoulders, he does drive this offense and someone needs to inform him to step on the gas. If not for the formidable performance he put up at Green Bay things may look hopeless. Grade: D

Running Back: William Powell looked good running off the tackles, but we have not seen much else besides a muffed kick return from him. LaSH is pint sized powerhouse and has performed as well as he can given the questionable play calling that does NOT mesh well with his abilities. Grade: B+

Wide Receivers: Fitz will always be the best WR in the league in my opinion unless he is not a Cardinal for some strange reason. Roberts has proven to be a more than capable #2. Floyd has seen more snaps, and is making good use of all the attention Fitzgerald gets. Doucet may or may not have hands made of stone, and had some maddening drops (remember the game winner in Cincy that he dropped last season?) hopefully we will see very little of Doucet from here on out. Byrd has not seen the field as of yet, and most of us wonder why. Grade: B+

Offensive Line: We lost Adam Snyder in the first game after my last post, and sad to say I don't miss him at all. Bobby Massie is still struggling, but with Rich Ohrnberger playing next to him his struggles slowly seem to be disappearing. Which makes Snyder's singing even more head scratching. Sendlein has been playing solid like he always does along with Colledge to his left. Against Green Bay we finally got what we were hoping and saw D'Anthony Batiste get benched. Nate Potter filled in and when he was left on an island found himself getting pushed into the backfield most of the plays, BUT even though he was getting shoved around 40 ways from Sunday NOT once did I see his man get behind him, if the rest of our line could just do that then they have done their part and the rest of it rests on the QB to evade the pressure. This unit has struggled to open up holes on the inside as well, and as a whole the play has been putrid. Grade: F

Special Teams: Coverage units have struggled as of late. The return teams have had an alarming number of drops. Peterson was electric last season, but I will say this, IT IS TIME TO RELIEVE Peterson of his returning duties he has muffed way too many punts. He has only lost one of them, and the game was already lost but it is certainly time for him to start focusing on making his own Peninsula for the defense rather than taking a punt to the house. Grade: C-

Well since my last post we certainly have not had much to cheer about seeing as how we are currently on a 5 game skid. We should all be used to these losing streaks as they have happened every single season since Whiz and Co. arrived here in the desert. Seeing Potter in the Green Bay game and the rest of the rookies minus "Keno" get more playing time. Our scouting department and front office have done one heck of a job getting talent with the best player available approach. Whiz mentioned "Keno" in a presser, so maybe we may get to see our 3rd rookie on the Oline this season. Suppose Keno goes ahead and impresses us the way Potter did in his small amount of time then at least we have hope that things will be getting turned around with are front 5. Nobody is giving us a chance in this upcoming game in the Georgia dome, but we already shocked the NFL world in Week 2 by handing the Patriots their first ever home opener loss since the hoodie arrived in Foxboro. Let's hope this is the game that gives the team the spark it needs to make it to the post season. Seattle and San Francisco hold a lead over us, but with Alex Smith going down and Seattle unable to win on the road, the division is still certainly not out of reach. I'm hoping it boils down to Week 17, and we beat the Niners for the division title. God, that would be sweet.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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