11/17 Arizona Cardinals news: David Carter and a new position, more Matt Ryan

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Your Saturday links for the day

As the Cardinals get ready for the Falcons, here are your Saturday links to digest while college football is the focus for today.

Cardinals stories:

Word From the Birds Blog | Bring the noise
"It makes it smoother for us to operate when we simulate it in practice,"

Word From the Birds Blog | Friday before the Falcons
"What is there to say besides it’s not good enough?" he said.

David Carter Works With New Position
Notebook: Campbell officially a game-day decision; Toler fights frustration

Stop the run, stop the bleeding? - ArizonaSports.com
Stop the run, stop the bleeding?

Cards NT Carter getting opportunity at DE - ArizonaSports.com
With Calais Campbell expected to be out Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons, Carter seems confident he can fill the void.

Arizona Sports predicts Cardinals vs. Falcons - ArizonaSports.com
The Atlanta Falcons present a stiff challenge for the Cardinals, especially since this game will be in the Georgia Dome, where Arizona has not won since 1993.

Cardinals DC Horton knows Falcons QB presents great challenge - ArizonaSports.com
A huge reason for the Falcons' success and 8-1 start is quarterback Matt Ryan.

Nate Potter: 'Every NFL game is a learning experience' - ArizonaSports.com
"I'm just focused on doing my job. As an O-lineman you kind of want to be out of the spotlight,"

Losing streak prompts Cards to shuffle deck
Mounting losses prompt Cardinals to explore new lineup options.

NFL stories:

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! A Graphical Preview of Colts vs. Patriots - SBNation.com
A graphical preview of the Colts vs. Patriots, where it's Andrew Luck's turn to take on the Dreamboat.

NFL picks, Week 11: LeBron James, Adrian Peterson, and why football is stupid - SBNation.com
It's Week 11, and we have lines and picks for every game this week, including Colts-Patriots, Ravens-Steelers, and more. But first, let's talk about LeBron James and why football is stupid.

NFL watchability index, Week 11: Avoid a dreary Sunday in Dallas - SBNation.com
There are 13 NFL games left to play this week. Which of those games deserve your attention?

Michael Vick injury: Eagles QB out for Week 11 - SBNation.com
Nick Foles is getting a chance with Vick injured.

Mike Ditka suffers minor stroke - SBNation.com
The Chicago Bears legend is recovering from a small health scare.

Dolphins Linebacker Karlos Dansby Playing with Torn Biceps Muscle - The Phinsider
Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby has been playing with an injured biceps muscle over the past few weeks. Today, Dansby revealed that his injury is actually a torn muscle.

NFL retirement board, NFL found to have divergent views on concussion impact - SBNation.com
A joint report from PBS and ESPN found that at least three former NFL players were awarded disability by the NFL retirement board for health issues related to brain injuries suffered while playing football.

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