Why I loved John Skelton...

I also love and still love Matt Leinart, so take from my blog what you will. But for the love of god hear me out and read 40 words for once in your life.

Starting off and ending quick of my article are John Skelton and the beloved Matt Leinart.

I love/loved these two guys why?

They would be products of the Arizona Cardinals. Farm boys of Arizona if this were baseball. We drafted Matt Leinart in 2006 at 1st round draft pick. A savior and hail mary if you will to rescue what was a dying franchise until 2008. Matt represented hope until he was unseated and demoted by a hall of famer (which made for a better story but less of over time) and forever though of as a career backup.

When Matt debuted in Arizona he truly did arrive on the scene as something of a Cam Newton before being injured, look it up if you weren't a fan/didn't watch the cardinals much before 2008 (

). And than it all crashed and burned as I'm sure you know.

Flash forward to 2010. OMG! Our fantastic, can't do no wrong Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt drafted a QB!!! A coach like him must know what he is doing, this kid has to be special! (are the thoughts going through my head.)

Whisenhunt drafts a QB a QB that he must have thought he could turn into a quality NFL starter, who mirrors the great Ben Rothlisberger (the player, definitely not the human).

John showed promise in 2010 coming in as a 3rd stringer much as Ryan is now. Strong arm, something to build upon to say the least.

John fast forward to 2011. John played good 2nd half football in 2011. (if only this guy could have had a whole offseason)

John in 2012. John crappily battles Kolb for starter and win, WOW he won but was the less of two crappy crappers in a crapshoot (from a "Skelton supporter")

John gets hurt (it happens to the best of us), John loses his starter position and ironically comes back after his replacement goes down and he replaces him. (my head hurts)

John comes back and is down right shitty, atrocious, he deserved to get benched and was for: duh duh dunnnn! RYAN LINDLEY!

Ryan Lindley! You have the same sentiments as why I loved (maybe still love) Skelton. You're a product of the system and damn right do you have a magnificent deep ball!!!!

Long story short, you're everything I loved in Skelton, home grown, Cardinal's chose, deep ball thrower, and a round late, so even more of an underdog and Tom Brady-esque.

I'm rooting for you big dog!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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