Cardinals Festivus wishlist (for next year)

OK, the season is basically over- it would be a miracle to finish with a winning record, and we are basically out of the playoffs before December. The only fight we seem to have left in us is the fight for a place in line for draft picks. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is officially time to start thinking about Christmas. And by that I mean presents. And, since this is the internet and there are no real presents, I mean wishing for stuff for the Cardinals for next season. And since we love the team but have no actual power, I just want to list some things that I would like to see the Cards do for NEXT season, besides play Lindley to see if he can set the NFL record for most pick-6's in a game.

What would you like to see the Cards do for next season to make them more competitive? What would be your fantasy wish?

Here's what I would like to have happen:

1. Get rid of 2/3 of the QBs on the roster. I don't care which ones anymore. They each have a few positives and a lot of negatives, so does it really matter? I doubt any of them would start for another team. Well, maybe Cleveland. Then again, maybe not. Kolb is expensive, takes too many sacks, is injury prone, and doesn't move the ball well; Skelton over-throws and can't find the end-zone; and Lindley... we don't even know why he sucks yet, but I'm sure we will soon.

2. Significant coaching changes. I don't care if Whiz goes. Whomever is calling the plays should not retain their job. If Whiz goes, well, I won't shed a tear at this point. This season has been a disaster, and there is no one really to blame but him for it. Does he deserve a chance to redeem himself? Maybe.

3. Take Todd Heap off life-support. Every off-season I beg the Cards to cut/not sign Heap. Why? All he does is drop passes and get hurt. Guess what? He came in this year and dropped passes and got hurt. How many games did he even play in this season? Does anyone care anymore? All I'm saying is we could have saved some cash and had more production with Steve Skelton.

4. Dangle Fitz as trade bait. Now, hear me out- I just want to see what he's worth. His value to our team RIGHT NOW is... not much more than Roberts. What's the trigger point? 2 1st round picks?

5. Draft at least 2 offensive line-men in the first 5 rounds. Or pick one up in free-agency.

6. Buh Bye Wells.


I would hope that we could pick up a veteran QB in free agency as well as one in the draft (first 3 rounds, please). Of those available, I don't think Flacco would be available, and would like to see Jason Campbell get a shot. He'd be cheap and has a good record/reputation; and like Matt Leinart has been pretty much been screwed over by his coaches. I'd even be OK seeing what Moore could do, who I think is on par with Kolb. Let them battle it out with the remaining QB from our current roster in preseason, and pick a guy. That's the guy. Do it early, build their confidence.

As for coach, I've been a loyal supporter of Whiz, but it's become clear that he's mismanaged the club the last 3 seasons. Who else can you blame, coach? You've f'ed up the QB position beyond repair. Everything else, I think, is fixable. If we can get Chip Kelly I would hand Whiz his walking papers tomorrow. I'd also consider Gruden, or, of course, Whiz's superior Bill Cowher. If not, then I fire the OC.

At RB, There are some good ones to be had in free agency. Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall, and Peyton Hillis are among them. I would try to get a big bruiser for 2nd and 3rd and short situations. As for Wells... he's been pretty terrible and hurt the whole time he's been here, save for a couple of games against the Rams. Throw those out and he sucks. Sorry Wells, you seemed like a good kid- it just didn't work out. He won't feel bad though, since he's earned $39,046 PER RUSHING YARD this season. He can go cry into his pillow stuffed with dollar bills. Make it rain, Beanie, make it rain.

As for Fitz, I would take 2 1st round picks, or 1st and 2nd + later round. He is, after all, the best receiver in the game (when not pouting on the sideline).

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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