Rich Ohrnberger starting over Adam Snyder for the Arizona Cardinals is a good thing

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Adam Snyder will miss his second straight game with a quadriceps injury, which may be a good thing for the Arizona Cardinals.

We have gone over and over how terrible the offensive tackles are along the Cardinals' offensive line. Bobby Massie and D'Anthony Batiste have allowed the most sacks of any tackles in the league and are rated terribly both in pass protection and in run blocking by Pro Football Focus.

But in our constant degrading of the tackles, we often forget about the interior of the line. Specifically, we forget about how awful Adam Snyder has actually been. Pro Football Focus states that he has given up 3 sacks, 4 QB hits and 13 hurries in 285 pass blocking snaps. That comes out to a pressure or more on 7% of the snaps. That may not sound awful, but given that he is an interior lineman, it isn't great. In comparison, I looked at Evan Mathis of the Eagles, who has given up pressure on just 3% of the snaps. That 4% difference is actually a huge discrepancy.

PFF didn't stop there with talking about their distaste for Snyder. They recently created a post detailing the least valuable cap hits in the NFL at every position. To no surprise, Snyder was the worst rated right guard. He is making just $2 million this season, but it is what he has done to earn it that has PFF up in arms. Here is what they say:

It's gotten to the point where I almost have to apologize when writing about Synder. I mean it feels like I'm repeating myself but what else am I meant to do? It may not seem a lot to invest $2m in a right guard, and it's not. But when your right guard is so bad he hurts the team with his ability to guide pressure to the quarterback it needs mentioning. Can't blame Snyder here, the tape was there to show what kind of player he was. Inexcusable decision in signing him.

Massie and Batiste did not make this list because of what they are getting paid. Massie is on a rookie deal and Batiste is making just $700,000 according to Rotoworld.

That is why, with Snyder sidelined with a quadriceps injury, the Cardinals are looking at a reprieve. Rich Ohrnberger, Snyder's replacement at right guard, has allowed a hit and four hurries in 92 pass blocking snaps. However, he is still getting acclimated with the rest of the first unit offensive line. Oh, and he's only making $540,000.

Giving Ohrnberger more snaps at the position would be the wisest course of action for the Cardinals. Snyder is still a decent player to have due to his ability to play multiple positions along the line, but, honestly, he just isn't that good. He does not play well in the run game and he allows to much pressure in passing situations.

Let's hope the coaches are thinking along the same lines we are.

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