Cardinals Vs. Packers: What was the play of the game?

Jonathan Daniel

In a two touchdown loss, there were still some highlights.

In the fifth consecutive loss the Arizona Cardinals proved a few things to to their critics:
1) Larry Fitzgerald is still one of the greatest WRs ever to play the game.
2) LaRod Stephens-Howling has a motor that will not quit.
3) Michael Floyd is climbing the depth chart and becoming a valued WR in this offense.
4) Rob Housler is the future pass-catching TE for the franchise.
5) There are better offensive linemen on the bench if you'll give them a chance to play (see Nate Potter LT and Rich Ohrnberger RG).

Larry Fitzgerald's 31-yard catch and run for a touchdown was inspiring to watch. It reminded me of the last play from last week's blow out loss to the San Francisco 49ers, except this time Fitzgerald was able to find pay dirt and score a touchdown that would spark hope that the Cardinals could make a comeback. Larry's still playing like Larry and he's trying everything he can to lead by example and get the rest of the Cardinals offense to start producing. It's close, just get Kevin Kolb and Beanie Wells back with this updated offensive line and we might just see the end of year turnaround that we saw last year.

LaRod Stephens-Howling plays the outside very well, and the play where he landed on the defender then got up and charged forward for four more yards shows his dedication and drive to perform in this league. His heart and drive make up for his lack of physical size. His touchdown run to put the first points on the board were definitely needed to keep the momentum from shifting too far in the Packers favor. It sparked LSH's play and he was hungry for more following that.

Michael Floyd's big catch of 37 yards on 4th down was a huge play. This is the type of high pressure play that a big name future star catches. He's developing and the faster he does it the faster he can start freeing up Larry for more big plays of his own.

Rob Housler had a number of targets and catches in the game, but the one that stood out was the 2nd and 5 at the 50 yard line, Skelton throws the short pass to Housler who then tucks and runs 22 yards into Green Bay territory. His hands and speed are weapons the Cardinals have lacked at TE for years. Maybe we'll finally see him catch one of those seam route TDs next week?

Finally, I don't know what play it happened at, but rookie seventh round left tackle Nate Potter took the field to replace struggling LT D'Anthony Batiste. This is my play of the game. Why, when it wasn't a touchdown, or big offensive play? Because it showed that either Batiste was hurt and couldn't go back out there to stink it up, or as I would like to believe, the Cardinals coaches finally wanted to try a change and see what the young player could do against the 2nd best team in causing sacks (now first). The answer is, he did very well. As soon as I saw number 76 in frame on television I was shocked and watched his performance as much as possible. Potter is young and raw, but he played well and played with a clean technique. Batiste has been caught holding when he gets into trouble, which is far too often. I like what I saw, and I think Kolb's going to enjoy playing with Potter on the left side as soon as he returns to the field.

What was your play of the game?

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