11/7 Arizona Cardinals news: Bye week practice one

Christian Petersen

Beanie will be ready, Kolb is frustrated, Groves ready

Cardinals stories:

Floyd earns shot at larger role for Cardinals
Michael Floyd earning larger role; Cardinals resist premature judgment on No. 1 draft pick.

Kolb not close to return from rib injury
Get the latest news and information surrounding the Arizona Cardinals including: photos, video, schedules, standings and more.

Word From the Birds Blog | Beanie: "No doubt" he’ll play Nov. 25
The earliest running back Beanie Wells can play coming off the injured reserve/able to return list is the Nov. 25 home game against the St. Louis Rams. Wells, who has been out with torn ligaments in his toe, said Tuesday there was "no doubt about it" that he would play in that game.

Schofield Out, Next Man Up
Notebook: With linebacker done for season, Groves fills in; Kolb working on return

Changes likely too little, too late for 2012 Arizona Cardinals - ArizonaSports.com
Whether it was due to poor play calling, dropped passes, lousy special teams play or defensive lapses, the Cardinals once again ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

Arizona Cardinals rookie Nate Potter looks to be next in line - ArizonaSports.com
"I've still got a lot of work to do," Potter said. "I'm glad I've improved, but you can't rest. Especially in this league you've got to keep getting better."

Kevin Kolb frustrated with slow process - ArizonaSports.com
It's been just over three weeks since Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb's sternum and ribs were crushed by the Bills' defense, and he's getting antsy sitting on the sidelines. Kolb is on the practice field each day but not participating like he wants to be.

ReFo: Cardinals @ Packers, Week 9 | ProFootballFocus.com
The Packers pulled out another win and are starting to roll, while the Cardinals look on the verge of collapse, who decided this contest?

NFL stories:

NFL playoff picture: Betting on the Bears, waiting on the Patriots and hoping for the Colts - SBNation.com
There are seven weeks left in the NFL season. Already, the playoff picture is coming into view.

The Week in Worst: Starring Tony Romo - SBNation.com
The Week in Worst is here once again to bring you the least-good NFL plays of the past seven days. Many feature the Dallas Cowboys.

Log jam at the center of current 2013 NFL Draft order - SBNation.com
Chiefs hold onto No. 1 pick, followed by Jaguars, Browns, Panthers and Rams

Week 10 NFL Opening Lines: Recovering from the worst week ever - SBNation.com
Week 9 was the worst in decades for sportsbooks, meaning it was the best week in memory for NFL bettors. Oddsmakers have responded by setting some huge points spreads in Week 10.

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