The Ideal/Perfect 2013 Offseason for Arizona Cardinals!!!!!

We all know it has been a terrible season, as far as i'm concerned its better to finish 4-12 or 5-11 to be honest. I think we will finish with a top 5 pick. its better to finish with high draft pick than try to win and get out of the race to pick up an elite prospect. This is my view on what needs to be done and what would be the perfect Offseason Moves to get us back to Playoff contention and even winning the Division:


GM Rod "Fat Boy" Graves is FIRED. The man does not know how to build a roster and to me he is not a football guy that I want running this organisation.

HC Ken Whisenhunt is FIRED plain and simple. He has had 3 sub-par seasons since Kurt Warner and traded for QB Kevin Kolb per Larry Fitz request. He just can't evaluate talents and to think we could have drafted Russell Wilson or Nick Foles in 3rd round in the last draft.

O-Line Coach/ Assist HC Russ Grimm is FIRED too. I already heard that he might join the jaguars. He is a HOF player but terrible line coach. He was one of the reasons why Peyton Manning did not come to Arizona because Peyton probably looked at his scheme and players and lack of an Elite LT and said NO, Thanks.

OC Mike Miller is FIRED too. He is the worst OC ever seen in football. enough said.

In fact all the offensive staff are FIRED.


Steve Kiem will be promoted to GM, since He became head of scouting, Arizona have had two solid draft class especially 2011 draft class. If not Steve Kiem, We should bring in Mike Holmgreen as GM. Heck, even bring Back Dennis Green as GM since he built the roster that took us to the Superbowl including signing Kurt Warner.

DC Ray Horton is HIRED as the new HC of the Arizona Cardinals. its either we give him the job or he goes to another team. Hiring Horton reminds me of when Pittsburgh hired Tomlin after he was DC of the Vikings for just 1 season. I'm sure Ray Horton will impress in interview and gets the job. btw He has to cut off those braids now he is the HC of this team.

Ray Horton can hire the DC which I'm hearing will be our current DB coach Louie Cioffi. Horton will oversee that he is doing a good job and are defense can be a consistent unit.

OC- The cardinals need a new offensive co-ordinator, someone that knows how to game plan and tailor the offense to the skill set of QB Kevin Kolb and WR Larry Fitzgerald. I think we should target Andy Reid if he does not get another HC job offer since he knows Kolb and was ready to make Kolb his Franchise QB before he got banged up.

OL- BRING IN JUAN CASTILLO!!!! The man is an offensive line guru. He had great offensive lines for Philadelphia before he got crazy thinking he can coach defense. Look at his track record: .

Juan however will never be allowed anywhere near coaching defensive players ever!!!

QB coach- Hire a QB coach with proven record that can do a great job and make Kolb an tier 2 QB aka Matt Schaub or Eli Manning type.


QB John Skelton and Ryan Shitley are both gone.

HB Beanie Wells would be cut too.

RG Adam Snyder will be released too. Pure waste of Money


I Believe that with Horton as our new HC, Both A-Dub and Darnell Dockett will stay since they love playing for him. Rookie RT Bobby Massie seems to have turned around and can be great RT down the line. He has not surrendered a sack in five games in a row.


QB- Kevin Kolb will be brought back after his contract is restructured on a lower salary. There is no way that we will pay him $12million dollars.. either he restructure or goes. I think he will since He will not get another starting gig anywhere else.

LT- I know Jake Long is expected to hit FA but we should not sign him. This due to the nagging injuried hes had and how he has struggled a bit. He is still better than what we have. If we have a top 3-5 pick in the draft, then DO NOT SIGN JAKE LONG.

HB- Isaac Redman, Rashard Mendenhall and Jonathan Dwyer are all Free Agent, We can sign one of them to join with Ryan Williams and The Hyphen. Ryan Williams is a talented HB whose had unlucky injuries and I feel if we improve the O-line, he will be a huge asset.


1st Round: LT- Luke Joeckel , He is an elite LT prospect who played in the toughest conference in college football, the SEC. He handled some of the best defensive players and he is as good a prospect as Joe Thomas, Jake Long were when they were coming out of college. Alternative pick: OLB Jarvis Jones- He is a beast like Von Miller but only if Joeckel is off the board.

2nd Round: QB- Aaron Murray, he is a Drew Brees Clone. I'm Hoping He declares for the draft. He has great Mechanics and is great player. He could've led his team to the National Championship game this year if his HC Mark Richt had not fuck it up tell him to throw instead of spiking the football. Alternative Pick:OG Chance Warmack- beast of a Guard.

3rd Round: OLB- Sean Porter, He is Von Miller-esque and good pass rusher. His Numbers were down due to system change in Texas A&M defense. Alternative Pick: Shayne Skov- Great versatile LB who can play inside and outside.

our new offense would look something like this:

QB- Kevin KOLB

HB- Ryan Williams, Jonathan Dwyer and the hyphen.

LT- Luke Joeckel, LG Daryn Collegde C Lyle Sendlein RG Warmack/Brown RT Bobby Massie

WR- Fitz, Floyd and Andre

TE- Housler

Folks..thats my what i'm thinking. WHat do y'all think !!!

Next post will be about what should happen if Whiz is kept on!!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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