ROTB Pick'em: Week 15 results, Week 16 games

Christian Petersen

Week 15 was tough on most entries, although Cuckoo for Coco Puffs managed a terrific 7-1 record, missing only the San Francisco win. Funny, that no one picked the Niners to win that game...not a lot of love for that team on this site. Cuckoo kept the week's won point all to himself, congratulations!

Our finish over the last two weeks will have plenty of drama. Don f managed to gain significant ground on our long time leader Evan_TFJand is definitely within striking distance with 8 games this week and all 16 games to be picked next week. In the ironman division,JoeCB1991, holds onto a narrow one game lead over iacardsfan with Drullin'OverdaCards and Crisco219 only 2 and 3 games back respectively.

As we enter the last two weeks, please remember that every entry must make picks to stay on the leaderboard. Also, please remember to double check your picks, if any picks are missing the entire entry is void. This did happen this week to Cardinalbrown, if that happens to any entries over the last two weeks, that entry would not be eligible for the leaderboard any longer. I know it is a hard and fast rule, and if we choose next year we could look into modifying it.
Here are this week's games, with lots of teams vying for playoff position, we should see some good games. Good luck everyone!

New Orleans @ Dallas
Washington @ Philadelphia
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh
St. Louis @ Tampa Bay
Minnesota @ Houston
Chicago @ Arizona
New York Giants @ Baltimore
San Francisco @ Seattle

The results:

User Weeks played Week's record Overall record Percentage Weeks won
Evan_TFJ 10 4-4 58-22 0.725 2.518
Don f 12 6-2 66-30 0.688 1.167
JoeCB1991 15 4-4 77-43 0.642 1.560
J Steezy 13 6-2 66-38 0.635 1.143
Iacardsfan 15 4-4 76-44 0.633 0.310
tonyman121 7 35-21 0.625 1.500
Old "Bird" Dog 13 5-3 65-39 0.625 1.000
Drullin'OverdaCards 15 5-3 75-45 0.625 0.167
Crisco219 15 5-3 74-46 0.617 0.310
SenSurround 9 44-28 0.611
RyanB17 8 39-25 0.609 0.268
Cardinalbrown 14 68-44 0.607 0.667
StuckinColorado 15 4-4 72-48 0.600 0.875
Wyatt.morgan.9 14 4-4 67-45 0.598 1.000
Robloosli 8 4-4 38-26 0.594 0.250
Redking90 8 4-4 38-26 0.594
SmartCard 15 4-4 69-51 0.575 0.268
Cookoo for Coco Puffs 15 7-1 69-51 0.575 1.000
Hadrarius 12 55-41 0.573
Jess Root 15 4-4 68-53 0.567 0.125
Thomaldo 11 49-39 0.557
KJ197728 15 3-5 66-54 0.550
Az78true 10 43-37 0.538 0.625
B0rd3rline 7 30-26 0.536
AlaskanCard 8 33-31 0.516 0.125
TBru 7 28-28 0.500

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