12/6 Arizona Cardinals news: The switch to Skelton, Dockett's apology and Kolb's ribs


A collection of links to start your day

The Arizona Cardinals went back to John Skelton to start at quarterback. It is relieving and at the same time concerning. Kevin Kolb still has pain in his ribs, and more! Here are the links to start your day.


azcentral.com staff blogs - Kent Somers - Kevin Kolb is attached to his ribs, now if they will just attach to his sternum
Kent Somers:On Wednesday, quarterback Kevin Kolb provided reporters a glimpse into the nature of his rib injury and the difficulty in recovering from it. Kolb suffered three detached ribs and a sprained shoulder joint in week six against the Bills. He hasn't...

John Skelton Back As Starting QB
"You have to respect the decision," Lindley said. "When you don’t perform like that, there isn’t much ground to argue on. … I’m not losing confidence. "Every time it seemed like we’d knock it down and get something going (against the Jets), something else hit the fan."

A Nose For Speed
Dan Williams isn't a skill player, but the defensive tackle can run when needed

Word From the Birds Blog | Dockett sorry, but "I have never, ever laid down"
Darnell Dockett addressed the argument he had with teammate Kerry Rhodes at the end of Sunday’s game, getting his point across but also apologizing in the process.

Word From the Birds Blog | Seeing things on the run
The Cardinals need better play at quarterback. Everyone gets that. But that hope they had for their running game before the season, taking some pressure off whomever would be playing QB, has dissolved.

Cardinals go back to Skelton at quarterback
Coach Ken Whisenhunt switches back from overwhelmed Lindley to experienced-but-flawed Skelton.

Kevin Kolb still unsure of return in 2012 - ArizonaSports.com
Kevin Kolb still unsure of return in 2012


Medical report: The effects and risks of Adderall use among athletes - SBNation.com
More and more professional athletes are coming under scrutiny and getting suspended for using Adderall. What kind of effect does it have on a player, and what are the risks?

'I hate those mother****ers': How the Giants are coping with Dan Snyder's devastating words - SBNation.com
Redskins owner Dan Snyder is one of the most beloved figures in America. When he hates you, it hurts, and the New York Giants must deal with this in their own way.

Fumblr: the beauty of Manningface - SBNation.com
It's not just schadenfreude. What makes the Manning brothers' failures so enjoyable? They fulfill a narrative.

Ray Lewis injury: Ravens LB returns to practice - SBNation.com
The Ravens placed Lewis on injured reserve earlier this season but designated for return. He practiced on Wednesday for the first time.

Lions coach takes a jab at Titus Young - SBNation.com
Lions receiver Titus Young was recently placed on injured reserve for a knee injury so you'd think there'd be some sympathy for him. But not in Detroit, not from Jim Schwartz. The Lions head...

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