Time to rebuild the O

This season hurts so much more then previous losing seasons because of the promising start and great way the Defense is playing. Since everyone is starting to look to next year, I will join. Here are the moves I would like to see the Cardinals make this offseason.

Front Office.

Graves- I like him and he has done a great job finding late round talent. Also, the cards have built a very solid roster, with good depth...EXCEPT where is counts, that is QB, QB and QB (and OL). He needs to go. We need a big infusion of new blood all through the organization. Promote Kiem and get going.


Whiz- Needs to go. He is a great coach and has done a good job making the cardinals respectable. But he is a throwback, stubborn old school guy. Football has/is evolving to a passing league and his failure to solidify the QB is too big a blunder to overlook.

Grimm- HE NEEDED TO GO 2 YEARS AGO!! Our line has been one of the worst in the league since whiz and Grimm got here.

Miller- Out of his depth. Any O coordinator of an offense as bad as ours should be sacked... by Jared Allen and Ware then fired.

Horton- Love him. I am worried that promoting him to head coach may be premature as he just became a coordinator. But do what you gotta do to keep him. I would love to see him stay as a defensive coordinator, lock down that side of the ball, pay him like Lebeau and enjoy a top 10 defense for years to come. Offensive teams with Offensive coaches are the teams that win.

NEW HEAD COACH- Get an offensive minded head coach who knows how to develop QB's and has a track record of doing so. My vote is ANDY REID. The reasons are because he has a track record of being a great coach and utilizing his weapons. Also, we already have Kevin Kolb, a QB who played well in Reid's system and who Reid had enough confidence in let McNabb walk. I get excited thinking about well executed screen-plays and fitz going off week after week. He has a long track record of success as a coach and cares about scoring (meaning he does not care about D so he would leave Horton alone to do his thing). We can kill two birds with one stone getting a Reid. We get a new coach and a system change as well as instantly making Kolb legit starting caliber QB. If we need to make Horton a HC to keep him, do it and try to get a guy like turner to be an OC.


Jake Long- He wants a ton of money, His play has been suspect, but we need to take risks. Sign him, move Levi to RG. All of a sudden we have a solid Oline. Long- Colledge- Sendilyn- Brown- Massie. Make a new rule to pick 2 Olinemen every year in the draft, and at least 1 in the first 3 rounds.

Time for Beanie to go. We need RB's the can make people miss and catch the ball. I do not trust Ryan Williams to stay healthy, but LSH (sign him long term) and someone from FA can shore up the backfield. every year there are like 10 RB's that come out of nowhere and outperform our RB's.

Side note: We have wasted so many high picks on peripheral positions. (DRC, Floyd, Trade 2nd rd for Kolb, Wells, Williams) We need to focus on Passers and Pass rushers and pass protectors.


I love of D. we have solid depth everywhere and playmakers at every level. We are missing a great OLB who can win 1-on-1 battles consistently. I like Scho and groves for situational and depth, but we need a bookend to pair with Acho. I like the pick of Bethel last year. We need to continue to look for raw talent @ FS and SS late in the draft to develop as Rhodes and Wilson are getting long in the tooth.

Lenon- Time to go. Get Bradley in and draft a thumper at MLB to play on obvious running downs.

We need some major changes on the offensive side of the ball and in the play calling.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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