2012 NFL Draft: Jonathan Martin Looks 'So-So' At Stanford Pro Day

Mar 22, 2012; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal offensive tackle Jonathan Martin during pro day at Stanford Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

If you were perusing the site yesterday, you may have noticed my post that stated that both Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm attended the Pro Day for Stanford University. Although they probably did watch Andrew Luck throw as well as some of the other players that could be drafted in later rounds, there were two main reasons that they made the trip. Both David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin will be entering the NFL Draft next month and are likely to be selected within the first round.

The Cardinals could draft DeCastro, which by all indications, would be a very promising choice. He could solidify the interior line for many years to come. But the player that many are curious about is Jonathan Martin. Some are skeptical if he can perform as a left tackle at the next level. After the jump, I'll give you some notes from Martin's Pro Day and let you decide if the Cardinals should select him with the 13th overall pick.

Seth Cox, a writer at The Sports Headquarters that covers all things draft related, did a great job detailing Martin's day on the field in Palo Alto. Here is something that he had to say over at TSHQ:

Overall on Jonathan "Moose" Martin, he is a risky proposition and a team that is desperate, see Cardinals, will likely take the chance on him. He has all the things you want in a left tackle, good size, great arm length, excellent athleticism and good bend, but he is not strong enough yet. Can a team really take a chance on him that they can develop that strength? Is a team comfortable with a concussion prone QB to put him at the left tackle spot? That is the question that the Cardinals need to answer.

With that statement, some of the things that we had previously heard about Martin have been reaffirmed. He needs to bulk up, but I personally don't see that as being a long-term issue should the Cardinals choose to select him. John Lott will whip him into shape, whether he likes it or not.

In terms of the specifics, Martin did 20 reps of 225 pounds, he has 34 inch arms, he is about 6'5 1/8" and he weighs around 307 pounds.

Seth seems to believe that with Martin's athleticism and physical abilities, he should make a decent left tackle in the NFL. He is worried about his strength, though, and he doesn't seem to believe that his athletic ability will make up for the lack of power.

My thoughts are that Jonathan Martin probably lost some of his draft stock yesterday, but only a little. He is still a tackle prospect and we know that there are teams desperate for tackles all the time. Due diligence will be done, but as for now, Martin is still somewhat of a question mark.

So after hearing all of this, what are your thoughts on Martin? Should the Cardinals draft him at #13? Tell us what you think.

Update: Martin apparently met with the Bills, Vikings and Browns at Stanford's Pro Day. The Cardinals were not listed as one of the teams.

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