7 Round Live Mock - Arizona Results!

The Scenario

I participated in a 7-round live mock draft over at MockingtheDraft this past weekend. In it, one person represented each team from the first round all the way down to undrafted selections.
You can find the re-cap thread here.
Pick-by-pick Draft Tracker (so you can see who all was taken and when).
Following are the results I picked for the Cardinals and my thoughts on each after the jump! Make sure to vote and add your opinions on who you like and who you don't!

The Picks

1- Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
2- Kevin Kolb, QB, Mickey Mouse University
3- Nigel Bradham, ILB, FSU
4- Greg Childs, WR, Arkansas
5- Kyle Wilber, OLB, Wake Forest
6- Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin
7a- Omar Bolden, CB, ASU
7b- Damon Harrison, NT, William Penn
7c- Eddie Whitley, FS, VA Tech

Jeremiah Warren, OG, S Florida
Aston Whiteside, OLB, Abilene Christian
Matt Daniels, S, Duke
Jeff Adams, OT, Columbia


I took some heat for choosing Martin over Reiff with the 13th pick though some folks defended the choice. I was happy to get a starter for the offensive line as I am not sure how many there are in this draft but without having a second-round pick, we don't have many chances to get a good one. For more discussion on this pick specifically, click here.

The rest of the draft was all about fulfilling my mancrushes. I stayed true to my board all the way through, only straying to avoid double dipping at certain positions.

Bradham instantly upgrades our special teams and has the potential to be a highly effective, nigh devastating, starter once Paris Lenon is ready to retire. I think it will take him a year or two to be comfortable with an NFL playbook and to get into positive film study habits.

With Doucet and Roberts both being good options out of the slot, I believe we need a true threat at wideout and Childs could be that guy. His stock slid due to an injury his senior year but the Cardinals love getting those kinds of players a little bit later in the draft.

Kyle Wilber I’m not exactly in love with but we need more bodies at outside linebacker and he’s one of the pass rushers in the draft I do kind of like. He’ll help right away with his game speed on special teams and as a situational pass rusher but I fully admit it will be a year or three until he’s ready to be a full-time starter, if he ever is. The Cardinals pull a lot of their eggs from the prospect games' baskets and Wilber was a force in the East-West Shrine Game.

Russell Wilson has a nice ceiling. It was impossible for me not to take him when I thought about another season of Timon & Pumba time-sharing our quarterback job. Even if he doesn’t turn into starting material, he’ll be a great guy to have on the sideline and should be ready to contribute more in a year or two when we pare down our roster at the position. I don't think he'll be available in the sixth round in April.

If you're wondering why I had three seventh-round picks, it's because I traded the conditional pick we got from Washington in the Hightower trade (a high 6) for the two extras in the seventh. Bolden was too good to pass up. He'll go earlier in the real draft, I think. I don't know a lot about Damon Harrison but he's a true nose tackle and we really only have one of those. Coming from a small school I could see him landing on the practice squad for a year. Whitley's an athletic free safety who doesn't seem to have a whole lot of buzz but could turn out to be that deep-roaming safety we keep looking for.

Of the UDFA's the Guard, Warren, could be a starter on a line that prefers big, nasty players rather than guys who can actually block -- has Arizona written all over him. Whiteside is actually an athletic, polished pass rusher but he has concerns over level of competition and will need to learn the nuances of dropping into coverage from scratch. Daniels has the makings of a younger, cheaper Considine/Abdullah. He was productive at Duke so maybe he'd be able to help out a little more on defense than those guys are asked to do. Finally, the Cardinals expressed interest in Jeff Adams at the East-West Shrine game and so I figured I'd throw him on the list. He's a long, athletic prospect but is no sure thing in the NFL.


You have the list and you have my thoughts regarding the picks. Let me know what picks you like, where you think I biffed it, and feel free to rage because I didn't get that one guy you think you saw one time when you were walking downtown but you weren't really sure because he was inside eating and you just happened to glance that way as you were walking by, oh what's his name, you know the one...

Draft talk is still in its formative stage right now so make sure to add your voice to the conversation!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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