Trading the 13th Pick....

So This is not about who we should draft or whom we shouldn't. I for one trust in Wiz he has proven that in the last couple years that he is more than capable of drafting play makers for our team. I may beg, plead, cheat, and steal to get my player on the team but if he doesn't think that is the right move i will understand.

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This post is all about trading the pick. What can we get what would be a good trade. I am hearing that some teams may want to trade up from lower in the draft to get the player they want at 13 that is top 10 talent but is available at 13. Richardson is someone who has been talked about. Now Im going to go on the draft point value that was made famous by some coach don't remember who, Parcells i think?

1) Arizona Cardinals trade 13 To Cincinnati Bengals for 17th overall and 53 overall. Now baised on my math if the cardinals did this we would come out about 170 pts ahead on the trade. I think If we were able to do this still get a Tackle and a second pick this would be a great trade. To do this we may have to give up our 4th or something like that because of the huge point swing but Id say if Cincinnati called us something could be agreed upon (i dont like the deal as much if we lose 4 because i wanted to gain a pick by dropping down not break even.

2) Arizona Cardinals Trade 13th overall to Cincinnati Bengals for 21 overall and 53 overall. I do not like this trade at all. If I was going to drop all the way down to 21 i would do the next trade before doing this. The points come out about even but again if Cincinati wanted this pick they have to give us more than its worth that is why I think the trade above is more likely.

3) Arizona Cardinals Trade 13th overall and 151 overall to New England For 27th overall & 31st overall picks. Dropping down we now get 2 first round picks to make up for the lack of second round pick. We can still get a OT with 27 (as I think one will drop maybe Martin because of the strength issue) and BPA at 31. We gain about 100 pts off the point scale even if we dont add in the 5th round pick I think this is a trade that both teams would agree on.

4) *Completely Hypothetical * Kalil by some miracle drops to 10. Cardinals Trade 13th overall, 80th overall, & 177 overall (from Washington) to Buffalo For 10 overall. We get the best tackle in the draft. Its a huge price to pay but we only over paid by 60 pts for the pick which i would think we would need to do because buffalo may draft him if we don't over pay. Of coarse now we are only left with a 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th round pick. We do have it in us to move up for what ever reason. Kalil will never drop past 3 but you never know. And he is the only one I would ever make this trade for but we can if we need to.

Now I didn't take into account that we can trade next years first round pick if need be. Teams put a lower value on those picks because they don't where its going to land. I would value the pick at 1000 pts which is 16 on the chart which is half way in the middle of the first round.

These are the only trades we can envision doing in this draft. But that is why the draft is so fun you never know. Maybe az drops to 17 then trades down again for New England's 27th and 2nd round pick now we have 27, 53, and 62. (New England also has 48 so we could end up with 27, 48, and 53.... that was an awsome job by graves if he gets that to happen)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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