Peyton Manning.... that's it..... whole title.... do i really need to put more.

So It looks like March 8th is coming up and I am going to put it at a 5% chance Peyton restructures to stay with the Colts just on sheer fact that Peyton Manning wants to stay where he feels comfy. That being said, their is a good chance he will hit the market. I am going to look at this kinda like Doug and Wolf looked at it yesterday on KTAR. People are looking at this like oh well Washington needs a QB so they could get him, Miami needs a QB so they could get him. What I don't get is that do they understand what a Free Agent is. Manning is going to choose the best fit for him and his career and legacy. Its simple he doesn't need more money, he wants to win and win now. Looking at that I am going to give % out of 100 for the whole league that Peyton Manning will end up on a team.

Colts (5%) - Lets get this one out of the way. Even if he becomes a free agent their is always the case for him to come back to the Colts for a 3 year deal but the problem with that is they will not win for those three years I don't think. The only chance they have to keep him is pick up the option or make a change in the contract before March 8th.

New York Jets (3%) - Its cold, the locker room is in complete chaos, and I don't think he wants to be in the same city as his brother.

Miami Dolphins (12%) - Its warm, It can be his team for the next three years, and they are not a terrable team. The problem I have with this is I think the coach wants it to be his team and not bring in a QB that is going to change plays at the line and show him up. Not that Manning is doing it to show him up but younger players will take that as a sign of we dont have to stick to our gaps on the d line if we make a play and that is the wrong message.

Seattle Seahawks ( 0%) - If Manning has 3 years left he needs a team that can win now. They have a good running game and would be a good playoff team but I dont think they would win Super Bowls.

San Francisco 49ers (30%) - Here is a big challanger, NFC Championship game with a really, really, really, really bad QB. Alex Smith is probably the worst QB to start a NFC Championship game sense well, I cant think of a QB that bad. They are built to win now, but they suffer from the same issue as Miami (see above) hard nosed coach I dont think will blend well with Manning.

Washington Redskins (10%) - Simple, Snyder is able to throw boat loads of money (think Albert Haynsworth Money) at him and its hard to not accept 35 Million Guaranteed for anyone. Other than that is is a crappy fit for him, I just pray that he is the one athlete that isn't all about the money and truly wants to win a Super Bowl and not just get paid. If I was sure about that this would be 0%.

Arizona Cardinals (40%) - A head coach with Super Bowl experience, taking an aging QB back by making adjustments to what he wanted to do on offence adjusting with what fits best (granted hasn't done it sense but Peyton isn't Derek "steaming pile of DS" Anderson) but we have a good team, with an up and coming defense, and the best (maybe second, but that's a close race) WR in the game to throw the ball to. Oh and we also have this convent op out clause to the current QB that would remove him completely from the books making it easy to remove him from the team.

People are going to think your a homer, you want him to come here. Now I am torn, I think Kevin Kolb will be okay as a QB and honestly like John Skelton just as much (in two more years) but when you have a chance to get another Hall of Fame QB for he second time in 8 years you take that chance. If they get Peyton im okay with that if they don't, I still feel that Kolb will be able to get the job done for us.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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