NFL Free Agency: Should The Arizona Cardinals Pursue Kamerion Wimbley Once He Is Cut?

NAPA CA - AUGUST 01: Kamerion Wimbley #96 of the Oakland Raiders works out during the Raiders training camp at their Napa Valley Training Complex on August 1 2010 in Napa California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

So far in the free agency series, none of the players have impressed our voters. The idea of bringing in Mario Williams was shot down because of cost, John Abraham got a big fat no due to his age and contract demands and many feel that Jarret Johnson just simply wouldn't fit. In fact, 60% of the voters gave the thumbs down on the Johnson idea.

Today's player will hopefully get a somewhat different reaction. Kamerion Wimbley is still technically under contract with the Oakland Raiders, but due to the fact that they are $22 million over the cap for next season, they may be forced to cut Wimbley due to his large contract. Once that happens, Wimbley would likely become a free agent and choose where he would like to play football next. Should the Cardinals show interest in him?

Wimbley started his career playing for the Cleveland Browns, but for the past two seasons, he has been a member of Raider Nation after signing a huge contract to come to the west coast. Wimbley has been very patient with the Raiders. Recently, he re-worked his contract around three times over a six month span, according to SB Nation Bay Area. However, it seems unlikely that he will do so again and the Raiders will release him.

Even though the Raiders play in a 4-3 base defensive scheme, Wimbley has the size to play outside linebacker in the 3-4. As the SLB for the Raiders, he has been quite productive.

In 2011, Wimbley was asked to rush the passer 477 times and while doing so, he created six sacks, 16 QB hits and 40 pressures, according to Pro Football Focus. They gave him a grade of +16.4 as a pass rusher.

He is also a solid athlete against the run. Wimbley had 5 missed tackles on the season, but that didn't stop PFF from giving him a grade of +9.3 as a run stopper.

The only issues with Wimbley coming to the Cardinals would be his contract demands and his coverage abilities. The former first round pick will be looking for a deal that still pays him a good amount of money, although it will be nothing close to what Mario Williams and John Abraham will ask for.

In terms of his coverage abilities, Wimbley scored a -2.0 grade from PFF, but I don't see that as being a prohibitive issue. He has good size and mobility and with some extra practice, he should do fine in that department. Besides, the Cardinals love to blitz their outside linebackers anyhow, so coverage would hardly be a concern.

Out of all the players we have looked at thus far, Wimbley is by far my favorite prospect. I think he would fit in perfectly across from Sam Acho and give the Cardinals another pass rusher that can consistently put heat on opposing quarterbacks. Wimbley is always healthy and he plays hard, so as long as his contract demands aren't too wild, I say sign him.

What are your thoughts on Wimbley? Should the Arizona Cardinals attempt to sign him? Tell us in the comments section below and vote in the poll.

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