NFL Draft 2012: Assigning A Grade For The Arizona Cardinals

Apr 27, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals first round draft choice Michael Floyd holds up a helmet during a press conference at the teams training facility in Tempe. Mandatory Credit: Allan Henry-US PRESSWIRE

The draft has come to a close and with that, we will now be in a football quagmire again until training camps open up and when the Cardinals take on the New Orleans Saints in the Hall of Fame Game on August 5. Until then, we will only be able to see reports of how the newest Cardinals draftees are turning out in offseason workouts and voluntary practices.

Speaking of the new draftees, the Cardinals actually boast seven new names to add to their roster page. After the jump, I will give you the names of each of these players and assign a grade for the Cardinals' draft efforts.

In the first round, the Cardinals selected wide receiver, Michael Floyd out of Notre Dame. Floyd is a big, fast and talented receiver that should take pressure off of Larry Fitzgerald immediately. He very well could vie for a starter's role straight from day one.

The Cardinals did not have a second round pick this year after trading it away to the Eagles in the Kevin Kolb deal. So, they decided with their third round choice to take Jamell Fleming, a cornerback out of Oklahoma. Although corner did not seem like an immediate need for the team and many would have liked to see an offensive lineman here, Fleming was the highest on the team's draft board. NFL clubs can never have enough defensive backs on their teams nowadays, so it would seem that picking a versatile corner with the ability to play all over the field was a wise choice.

After disappointing many fans by not taking Bobby Massie in the third round, the Cardinals were fortunate that he dropped to them in the fourth, which was an opportunity that they could not pass up on. Massie is a large right tackle that could start from day one as well given the lack of depth at the position.

The Cardinals continued the offensive line trend by taking Senio Kelemete, a guard from Washington, in the fifth. Kelemete was another player that fell a bit further than expected, so in terms of depth, he could be a very solid pickup.

In round six, the Cardinals had two selections, one coming from the Tim Hightower trade to the Redskins. With the first one, they selected Justin Bethel, a corner/safety out of Presbyterian. The thought is that he will be a backup safety for the team, but with his athleticism, he can probably play all over in the secondary.

The next choice in the sixth round was Ryan Lindley, a big quarterback out of San Diego State. He is a developmental player that should take many years before he ever sees the field, but he is a warm body for training camp at the least.

Lastly, the Cards decided to bolster their O-Line furthermore by taking Nate Potter in the seventh round. The former blindside protector for Kellen Moore is a bit raw, but with time, he could possibly develop in a solid left tackle.

By taking guys that not only filled needs, but were also the best players available, the Cardinals did a tremendous job in this draft. Obviously, it is a bit difficult to judge based on the fact that they have never played in an NFL game. But basing it solely on their college production and the positions they played, assigning the Cardinals with a low letter grade coming out of this draft would almost be criminal.

In my assessment, I would have to give them a B+. I am skeptical about a couple of the picks, (mainly the Lindley selection) and I do wish the team would have snatched up another pass rusher. However, free agency could still dictate what they do to help in that area. Other than that, I feel the Cardinals did a more than adequate job this year.

What do you think? What grade would you give the Arizona Cardinals for their draft efforts? Tell us in the comments and vote in the poll.

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