ROTB Community Mock Draft, Pick 11: Who Do The Kansas City Chiefs Select?

Feb 24, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Stanford Cardinal offensive lineman David DeCastro speaks at a press conference during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This pick was made by StuckinColorado.

With the 11th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select, Offensive Guard, David DeCastro, Stanford University.

Much to the dismay of our Arizona Cardinals, the Chiefs take Mr. DeCastro out from under them with the 11th pick. This is a franchise that loves to run the ball and has struggled to do so after the loss of longtime All-Pro Will Shields (and really Willie Roaf too, for that matter). They have solidified their line somewhat with the acquisition of free agent tackle, Eric Winston, and would love to land DeCastro, too.

There are several other players I believe Kansas City might consider here, the most likely of which is probably Alabama Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick. They have lost Brandon Carr to free agency and are not terribly deep at the position. Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly is another popular pick on mock boards, but much like the Cardinals, it is hard to believe they would invest so much into the two inside linebackers of their 3-4 defense after resigning Derrick Johnson last year. Defensive linemen Michael Brockers or Dontari Poe are popular picks too, but how many times can the Chiefs keep going DL in the first round.


Based on what the community has said in comments over the last many weeks, I would find it hard to believe anyone questioning this pick. Many believe that DeCastro is as close to the surest thing in this draft. And while guard is not a sexy position, having a really good one is noticeable. Add to the fact that the Chiefs are a team built to run the ball and run the ball some more, a good interior blocker will be perfect to add to their line.

What do the rest of you think?

Results/Draft lineup:

1. Colts (psknapp), Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

2. Redskins (psknapp), Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

3. Vikings (blank_38), Matt Kalil, OT, USC

4. Browns (Cardsdefense), Trent Richardson, RB. Alabama

5. Bucs (b0rd3rline) Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

6. Rams (blank_38 and Cardsdefense) Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St

7. Jags (JSteezy) Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina

8. Dolphins (alaskancard) Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

9. Panthers (hevchv) Quinton Coples, DE

10. Bills (skid83) Riley Reiff, OT Iowa

11. Chiefs (StuckinColorado) David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

12. Seahawks (Wed April 4) LAcardsfan

13. Cardinals (Thurs April 5) GreaZzy

14. Cowboys (Friday April 6) KDean75

15. Eagles (Sat April 7) kj197728

16. Jets (Sun April 8) DrullinOverDaCards

17. Bengals (Mon April 9) CincyFan93

18. Chargers (Tues April 10) blank_38

19. Bears (Wed April 11) Kdean75

20. Titans (Thurs April 12)

21. Bengals (Fri April 13) CincyFan93

22. Browns (Sat April 14) Cardsdefense

23. Lions (Sun April 15)

24. Steelers (Mon April 16) Steamin Beamin

25. Broncos (Tues April 17) lacardsfan

26. Texans (Wed April 18) b0rd3rline

27. Patriots (Thurs April 19) psknapp

28. Packers (Fri April 20) GreaZzy

29. Ravens (Sat April 21)

30. 49ers (Sun April 22)

31. Patriots (Mon April 23) psknapp

32. Giants (Tues April 24) skid83

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