4-4-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Seahawks Get New Uniforms, Everyone Else Stays The Same

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Time for some links, as we found out yesterday that the Seahawks got fancy new uniforms like what the Oregon Ducks wear, and everyone else got some pretty new fabric for their jerseys so they fit better. I just want to raid the clearance bin with all the Reebok jerseys right now.

Also, anyone else see Mike Smith make 54 saves for the Coyotes in the shutout win last night? Man, when he is in a groove like this it is a thing of beauty to watch him tend the net.

Arizona Cardinals News:

NFL unveils new Nike uniforms for Arizona Cardinals, rest of teams
The NFL and Nike unveiled new uniforms this morning for the NFL. In most cases, including the Cardinals', "new" applies only to the manufacturer and the fabric used.

Word From the Birds Blog | A new uniform, not a new look
Nike finally unveiled its new uniforms today in Brooklyn for all the NFL teams. Other than the Seahawks, teams didn’t undergo massive changes to their looks — and that included the Cardinals. (Some teams couldn’t even if they wanted to, which I didn’t know.) I’ve been trying to tell those who have been asking there wouldn’t be a big change, although there still seemed to be some that were disappointed. That’s not saying the uniforms aren’t different.

Arizona Sports News:

Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith notches 3rd shutout in a row
Whether he was in his crouch or standing to let his 6-foot-4 frame cover the expanse of the net, it didn't matter. From each position, Mike Smith was unbeatable. That's been the trend as of late, and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time for the Coyotes. With their playoff hopes unclear only a week and a half ago, Smith grabbed that possibility and deemed it a clear reality with his play. Thanks to another perfect effort Tuesday night, this time a 2-0 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets in front of 13,263 at Jobing.com Arena in the home finale of the regular season, the Coyotes inched one step closer to booking a postseason berth.

Phoenix Suns top Sacramento Kings for key win
The Suns took a step toward the standings ladder Tuesday night to be in position to move up a rung Wednesday night. The Suns survived Sacramento power forward DeMarcus Cousins' career-high 41 points with a full-strength Steve Nash to get a 109-100 victory Tuesday night at Sacramento. The Suns can move past Utah for ninth place in the Western Conference if they can beat the Jazz Wednesday night in Salt Lake City.

NFL News:

Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms; Seahawks Only Drastic Change - SBNation.com
Nike unveiled its updated NFL jerseys for all 32 teams on Tuesday, including the Seahawks, who had big changes to their uniforms.

Cost Of Nike's New NFL Jerseys - SBNation.com
With Nike unveiling their new NFL jerseys, this means that fans will be buying a different jersey in the store. It also means that fans will be paying a different price and will now have three different uniforms to chose from.

Nike's NFL Uniform Changes Aren't For Everyone - SBNation.com
Nike's new NFL uniforms hit the public on Tuesday and the Seattle Seahawks are the team with the biggest change as they completely re-worked their jersey with some new colors. Other teams saw minor changes, like the Chiefs and Bears moving their numbers from the sleeves to the shoulder pads.

Nike's New NFL Uniforms: Technology Behind The Changes - SBNation.com
Nike, the NFL's new uniform and apparel provider, didn't just change the color schemes of their new uniforms -- they enhanced the technology as well. The new uniforms are lighter, stronger and more form-fitting to allow no distractions for the player while he's on the field.

PHOTOS: Panthers New Uniforms And Helmet - SBNation.com
While the only team with a drastic uniform change at Nike's uniform reveal was the Seattle Seahawks, some teams still had tweaks to their uniforms and helmets. One team who tweaked a bit was the Carolina Panthers, as CBS Sports' Will Brinson tweeted some photos of the Panthers new uniforms and helmet.

Seahawks New Uniforms: Pictures Of Nike's Changes - SBNation.com
Nike has taken over as the NFL's uniform and apparel provider and on Tuesday hosted an event to unveil the new uniforms. The Seattle Seahawks may have had the biggest change, as among other tweaks they added some green to their uniforms.

Roger Goodell On Nike's New NFL Uniforms - SBNation.com
Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a big fan of the new uniforms.

New NFL uniforms look the same, but performance will change | ProFootballTalk
The Nike NFL jerseys that were unveiled today look a whole lot like the Reebok NFL jerseys that players have been wearing for years. (Except in Seattle.) But the players who tried them on say the performance will change.

New unis: Early verdict trending positive - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Nike literature regarding the new "Elite 51" uniforms made available to NFL teams Tuesday includes the following terms: technology, Thermoregulation, hydrophobic, aircraft-grade, zonal, articulated and Hyperfuse. Phil Knight's writers could have been describing spacesuits instead of football uniforms, except there's a lot more money to be made from the latter. Nike saved some of its most descriptive writing for the Seattle Seahawks' total uniform redesign, which has so far trumped subtler styling tweaks for the other 31 teams.

Uni Watch: First look at Seahawks - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The new Seattle Seahawks uniforms from Nike are ... different.

Nick Fairley Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana - SBNation.com
For the third time this offseason, a Lions player is in trouble with the law. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley was arrested in Alabama for possession of marijuana.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Earned $11.55 Million Last Year, Still Not The Highest Paid NFL Exec - SBNation.com
The NFL filed its tax returns on Tuesday, revealing Roger Goodell's $11.5 million salary last year. Goodell was not the highest paid executive in the NFL, though.

Jets sign rugby star to play tight end | ProFootballTalk
We’ve seen some former college basketball players make the switch to tight end in the NFL, now we’ll see if a rugby player can make the same transition.

Claiborne gives birth to a four on the Wonderlic | ProFootballTalk
The NFL has kept the Wonderlic results under tighter wraps than usual this year. Or maybe the media has had enough other things to keep itself occupied. Regardless, the first eye-opening score has leaked from the 2012 edition of the 50-question Wonderlic test. Per multiple league sources, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne scored a four. Yes. A four. Out of 50.

(Even Kelly Bundy could score a four on the Wonderlic...)

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