Holding All The Cards 2: The 2012 Draft

Here we go again fellow birdgang alum, if you don't remember from last year; you (or I in this case) own the Cardinals so we call the shots. What would you do? Here's my take:


Round 1 Pick 13: Cordy Glenn, OT/OG- Whether at pick 13 or after trading down (17 Bengals or 22 Browns) he’s my pick. I see Reiff as solid and DeCastro as special but after watching all the tape I could Glenn showed me the ability to excel at either LT or RT (as well as a superb OG which provides versatility which our organization highly values) in fact I believe he is the 2nd best LT in this draft. I would trade down to 22 with the Browns and pick up the 37th pick in the 2nd but would not complain about taking him at 13.

*Round 2 Pick 37: If we make the trade with Cleveland then I would take one of the following in order (1. Donta’ Hightower, ILB 2. Shea McClellin, ILB/OLB 3. Nigel Bradham, ILB 4. Ronnell Lewis, ILB 5. Amini Silatolu, OG 6. Bobby Massie, OT 7. Andre Branch, OLB) DREAM PICK- Donta’ Hightower, ILB

Round 3 Pick 80: Brandon Brooks, OG/OT- He fits the bill of what Grimm likes in lineman in that he’s a dancing bear yet has the ability and agility to accomplish all of the assignments we task our guards with. Huge with great speed for a OG and incredible strength and nastiness we like in our lineman. Other options for this pick are: 1. Mitchell Schwartz, OT 2. Brandon Mosley, OT 3. Tom Compton, OT.

Round 4 Pick 112: Marvin Jones, WR- 6’ 2” 200lbs 4.46 40yd 22bp 33vj 9’4”bj 6.81 3cone. The best route runner in the draft who never had a quality QB to throw to him; and Cossell says he has the largest catch radius of all the WR in the draft. Smooth and catches with his hands, capable of stretching the field. Other options for this pick are: 1. Juron Criner, WR 2. Mohamed Sanu, WR 3. Greg Childs, WR 4. Ryan Broyles, WR; if Stephen Hill falls to this pick we would take him but not any sooner based on film.

Round 5 Pick 151: Jayron Hosley, CB- This is the pick where I see us looking for secondary help, this draft is weak in safeties and deep in CB; leaving good value later in the draft. Other options for us are: 1. Ron Brooks, CB 2. Omar Bolden, CB 3. Josh Norman, CB 4. Casey Hayward, CB 5. Justin Bethel, CB 6. Chris Greenwood, CB 7. Dwight Bentley, CB 8. Ryan Steed, CB so there should be talented players available that fit our scheme and what we look for in the position.


Round 6(a) Pick 177: Ryan Davis, OLB I believe we will draft a late round developmental OLB and sign one as an UDFA, we will wait until next year’s more talented and deep OLB class to use an early pick on. Other options ( & possible UDFA) 1. Miles Burris, OLB 2. Adrian Hamilton, OLB 3. Louis Nzegwu, OLB 4. Delano Johnson, OLB 5. Tim Fugger, OLB. These guys all show me more potential than early round OLB’s 6(b) Pick 185: If we don’t make the trade from 13 to 22, I see the best value for ILB in the sixth with a developmental ILB to compete with Paris and Bradley. Even if we don’t draft one I see us signing a UDFA. Our options are: 1. James Michael-Johnson, ILB 2. Shane Skov, ILB 3. Marcus Dowtin, ILB 4. Tank Carder, ILB 5. Vontaze Burfict, ILB 6. DeMario Davis, ILB 7. Carmen Messina, ILB 8. Jerry Franklin, ILB

*Round 6(b) Pick 185: If we do make the previous discussed trade I see us drafting DLine depth here. I also see us signing one UDFA DE whether we draft one or not just like the previous positions (OLB, ILB, & probably two Safties<Sean Richardson & Tavon Wilson>). Our options are: 1. Matt Conrath, DE 2. Travian Robertson, DE 3. Ronnie Cameron, DE 4. Akeim Hicks, DE 5. Dominique Hamilton, DE 6. DeAngelo Tyson, DE 7. Randy Colling, DE.

Round 7 Pick 221: Bryan Anger, P- I like many others want someone to compete with Zastudil for punting duties, Anger will not only compete but win. Other punting options would be 1. Shawn Powell, P 2. Drew Butler; if we don’t draft one we will sign an UDFA. Other possibilities at this pick are Dwight Jones, WR (also an UDFA target) or an OG to develop on the PS like Donald Stephenson or Adam Gettis.

I believe if we can take a big step forward this year if the draft falls our way, I would be more confident if we make the aforementioned trade and pick up the players I selected (Cordy Glenn & Donta’ Hightower) along with the 3rd & 4th picks of Brandon Brooks & Marvin Jones gives us a substantial talent boost in critical positions (OT, OG, 2WR, & SILB) while adding depth with the later picks who flash potential to contribute in rotation or special teams. If you would like my take on any of the players just ask or how I see them fit scheme and position, all critiques welcome.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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