Upgraded Offensive Line....

As we go through our time of waiting for training camp as well as some small news about OTA's I wanted to talk about our O-line. I was going to do both lines to add perspective but lets be honest our D-line is very good maybe top 5 lines in the NFL (minimum top 10). So O line here we go....

Starting at LT we bring Levi Brown back, I have to give him credit he played remarkably better the ladder part of last year. He is no longer being paid top five salary and lets be honest if the reports are true and he had offers for more money but choose to come back here, he just earned brownie points in my eyes. I will say I would like him to show that last years play wasn't a fluke and i think he will rise to the challenge mainly because cards will just cut him if he doesn't. Even average play at that position will be acceptable because of the upgrades on the rest of the line.

Daryn Cooledge Returns as our LG, as a pickup last year he was exactly as we paid for, we didn't pay out the A$$ but he wasn't the cheapest available guard. We got solid average play from him. I think he showed improvement over the coarse of the year. I think time with his team mates is going to make this a much better o line than people think. Along with our new pickups and resigning Brown and Lyle Sendlyne last year we have this line together for the next 4 years and that is important, When we went to the Superbowl in 08 we didn't have a great line and Kurt Warner was lightning quick with his release but just as important our line was together for 3 years which made everyone better RB and QB.

Lyle Sendlein has probably been Russ Grimms greatest success. Undrafted, this kid went to beat out a drafted in the forth round center to starter in 5 years and showed great improvement last year in his game and just his overall knowledge in the game. Center has the job of identifying blocking schemes and i saw a lot of good pickups of the blitz last year. Like i said previously just playing with the line will only improve the team, he is agile enough to pull if he is uncovered and fast enough to get up to the next level to block a backer if need be.

I am guessing Adam Snyder is going to start at RG this year. Watching his film he isn't great, but even at decent I feel he is an upgrade to Rex Hadnot sadly. Of coarse we drafted the kid from Washington Senio Kelemete. Now I think that Adam and Senio is going to be a good battle in camp and honestly may the best man win. I think because of wiz and his not liking to start rookies Adam will start but look for Senio to be a player in year two with Snyder the backup to the entire o-line.

I hear that the war room and Russ Grimm was arguing to pick up Bobbie Massie in with the cardinals third round pick. Of cores they ended up drafting Jammell Flemming instead. I think once their pick was up in the forth and he was still there the cardinals couldn't get the selection up to the podium fast enough. Bobbie Massie will be our staring RT this year making Jeremy Bridges expendable. Some how Wiz always looks smarter than the rest of the NFL he made us dynamic on Offence by getting Aquan Bolden Jr. to line up next to Fitz, and oh year probably the best tackling corner in this years draft (which Ray Horton loves) and then oh yea he picked up a Tackle that was suppose to be drafted in the 2nd round in the forth round with a huge chip on his shoulder....

Great Days are ahead in the Birds Nest... Our line is ready, Our defense is ready.... We Come To Play....Go Cards.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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