Should He Stay Or Should He Go: WR Stephen Williams

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - JULY 30: Head coach Ken Whisenhunt of the Arizona Cardinals talks with wide receiver Stephen Williams #14 during the team training camp at Northern Arizona University on July 30, 2011 in Flagstaff, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The NFL offseason can truly be a long and arduous process. Yes, there is the draft, free agency and training camp to help tide us over until the next regular season, but most of it seems like a dead period, forcing writers to simply speculate and dig for information.

So here on ROTB, we are going to start a series that, instead of having me speculate, will have you guys do it instead. I am going to list off a few players who may not have had a very large impact for the team last season and you will tell me whether or not they should stay or if they should be cut.

Because of Jess' post on wide receiver Stephen Williams and his uphill battle, it would seem fairly appropriate for us to start with him. Should Williams be retained by the Arizona Cardinals or should he be let go?

As Jess mentioned in his piece, Williams made the team as an undrafted free agent out of Toledo and really had fans and the local media swirling over the type of promise they saw. He played phenomenal during training camp and the preseason, but ever since that time two years ago, he just hasn't been able to see the field.

He has great height and speed, but his hands are a far cry from being Fitzgerald-esque. Also, it is difficult for him to prove himself when he can't even be a contributor on special teams. The coaching staff just hasn't been able to find a true niche for Williams.

The Cards will seek to keep probably 5-6 wide receivers on the roster this season. Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts and Early Doucet are basically all locks to make the final 53. After that, there are a number of players fighting for those final two spots. Last year's seventh round selection, DeMarco Sampson showed some flashes of talent as well and he will probably make the team.

So that leaves one spot up for grabs. Isaiah Williams has been apart of the organization for the past couple of years, mainly as a participant of the practice squad. Could this finally be the year he is elevated? How about a newcomer like Jaymar Johnson? Or maybe Stanley Arukwe, LaRod Byrd or Tre Gray? Could they do what Stephen Williams did, flashing enough talent to get them a spot on the 53 man roster as an undrafted player?

Personally, I think Stephen Williams' time as a Cardinal is coming to an end. Yes, he has a bit more experience that some of the other guys, but he has not shown the type of consistency that is needed out of a third year wide receiver. He cannot contribute on special teams either, which is something that the other players may be able to do.

What are your thoughts? Should Stephen Williams be kept around or should the Cardinals abandon that project? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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