ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski Ranks Kevin Kolb As NFL's 25th Best QB

TEMPE, AZ - JUNE 13: Quarterback Kevin Kolb #4 of the Arizona Cardinals throws a pass as he practices in the minicamp at the team's training center facility on June 13, 2012 in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Mike Sando, writer for the NFC West blog on ESPN, put up an interesting post a few days ago regarding one of his co-workers thoughts on Cardinals quarterback, Kevin Kolb. Ron Jaworski, most notably known for his work with Monday Night Football (although, that is no longer), gave his breakdown of Kolb's skills, shortcomings and what he expects to see from him in 2012.

Most fans were probably expecting more from Kolb in his first season with the Cards, but Jaws doesn't seem to be overly concerned about his future with the team.

Although Jaws did rank Kolb as the 25th best quarterback in the league, he still has a rather optimistic outlook for him going into next season. Via Mike Sando:

"When Kolb reads pressure and coverage correctly, he's decisive. He looks like a quality starter. If what he expects is not there, he's prone to sacks and turnovers. In addition, Kolb is not very good outside the pocket. He did not show the ability to effectively extend plays."

We know that Kolb did seem to get a case of the 'happy feet' all too often, leaving the pocket and rendering himself incapable of creating a play. That is definitely an area he needs to improve upon. Here is what Jaws believes Kolb needs to accomplish to have a successful season in 2012:

"Entering 2012, Kolb is a pocket quarterback who must sharpen and further develop his pocket skills. That's the objective. One final point I need to make that relates to that -- Kevin missed too many open receivers. He left far too many plays on the field. I always liked Kevin Kolb as a quarterback. I know he approaches the game the right way. 2012 is his crossroads season. I would expect to see improvement."

What was also interesting was that Kolb wasn't even rated as the worst QB in the NFC West division. Matt Flynn fell in to the 27th slot, mainly because of his relative inexperience. It could also be assumed that John Skelton would be ranked lower, considering Jaws seems to hint that Kolb will be the starter next season.

As Sando also notes, one of the most important things that Kolb can do is to just stay healthy. After missing seven games last year, it doesn't really matter how much he improves as a player if he can't stay on the field.

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