5 Guys Arizona Could Still Look At

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 18: Ernie Sims #55 of the Indianapolis Colts celebrates after the Colts beat the Tennessee Titans 27-13 in the NFL game at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 18, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

With Training Camps only a Week away, Arizona could possibly look for a few guys to add to their Roster. This is a follow up of an Article that was recently published on Bleacher Report, and something I thought could be interesting to look at.

Here's the list:
Cedric Benson
Ryan Grant
Mike Sims-Walker
Ernie Sims
Gary Brackett

If Wells isn't ready to start the season, the Cardinals will have to look for someone to add to their Roster, because there is still uncertainty behind Ryan Williams, and the Hyphen cannot be a feature Runningback. Cedric Benson is the best option there after having a solid season with the Bengals last year. Ryan Grant is similar to Wells, because he has been plagued by injuries in his few years in the NFL.

Sims-Walker could be a steal to add to our already deep WR corps. Granted he has underperformed both in St. Louis and Jacksonville, he has speed and is dangerous in the slot. He's an upgrade over the two guys currently behind our Top 4 WR's, and since many of us doubt that Stephen Williams will be able to crack the 53 Man Roster, Walker could fill in nicely.

The two LB's on the List, (Brackett and Sims) could add depth to our corps. Sims, the 9th Overall Selection in 2006, is 27. He plays as a Weakside backer, and was traded by the Lions in 2009, so that the Lions could fit Jim Schwartz's style of Defense. His first three seasons in the NFL, he racked up 372 Tackles with 2.5 sacks and an INT. He was signed by the Eagles in 2010, where he picked up 2 sacks, but a meager 55 tackles in 15 games. 2011 he was signed by the Colts to fill in for the injured Gary Brackett. He again underperformed, racking up 16 tackles in 13 games. He can add some Depth behind Washington, or push Lenon and Bradley for the Starting spot opposite Washington.

Gary Brackett was an UDFA in 2003, and was signed by the Colts. Again a Weakside Backer, he can play a multitude of positions, including the Right Side, where we could use some Veteran Leadership. In his 10 year career, he has procured 4.0 sacks, with 707 Tackles. He's played 2 full season, with the rest of them him being injured. If I were to choose one of the two LB's I would take Sims, but Brackett could be serviceable.

So who would you sign if need be? Or are there better options out there?

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