Arizona Cardinals 2012 Fiction or Non-Fiction. How does it end ?

With training camp beginning this week and all of the offseason discussions, rankings
predictions and banter. This is my story for the 2012 Cardinals where you get to agree, disagree
and make your own ending.

2012 Regular Season - Kolb wins the Job

Game 1 Arizona Home against the Seahawks (0-0)
Cardinals start the season 1-0 and they do it with the run game and defence. Pounding
the Seahawks on the ground. Beanie and Williams prove to be healthy and
poised for a big year. The defence proves too much for Matt Flynn without Lynch. They
generate abundant sacks and turnovers. Kolb does a good job of managing the game
and taking care of the ball.

Game 2 Arizona Away against the Pats (1-0)
Cardinals move to 1-1 here after proving to be challenged by the east coast trip.
The Offence and defence is stagnent and the Patriots give the Cards a wake-up call
early with a trouncing. It's clear that Kolb will have to do more than just manage
the game.

Game 3 Arizona Home against the Eagles (1-1)
Cardinals again move to a winning record of 2-1. They prove to have the Eagles number
once again this year. Both Kolb and Vick get knocked out of the game by the opposing
defences and John Skelton comes in the game. Skelton uses his arm and his legs to beat
the eagles. Bobbie Massie wins the starting right tackle roll.

Game 4 Arizona Home against the Dolphins (2-1)
Cardinals improve to 3-1 behind another stellar performance by the Defence and running
game. The young guns make their mark and the Cardinals future bright. Ryan williams
breaks off some big runs. Skelton finds Housler for big gains. Peterson get's his first
punt return for a TD. Acho, Bradley, Schofield and Washington become a scary good LB crew.

Game 5 Arizona Away against the Rams (3-1)
Cardinals go into St.Louis and improve their record to 4-1. The story here is Kolb is
healthy again but the Cards stick with Skelton. The defence continues to dominate and
Skelton's leadership, poise and big play ability prove to be a solidifying factor for
the Cards.

Game 6 Arizona Home against the Bills (4-1)
Cardinals return home to improve their record to 5-1 in a tough physical battle against
the Bills. This proves to be a defensive game which comes down to a game winning field
goal by Feely. Skeltons leadership and 3rd down conversions edge out Fitzpatrick and the

Game 7 Arizona Away against the Vikings (5-1)
Cardinals travel to Minnesota for some revenge and find it with a big road win improving
to 6-1. The Cardinals passing game comes on and Fitzgerald just dominates the Vikings
secondary putting the Vikings so far behind that Adrian Peterson becomes a non-factor.
Kolb get's traded to Clevelend for Colt McCoy.

Game 8 Arizona Home against the 49ers (6-1)
Cardinals return home with momentum on their side to face the division rival in the
49ers on Monday night and an explosive win and a 7-1 record. This game comes in
highlighting two defenses playing at a high level but it is the offences that
dominate the play here and Michael Floyd breaks out as the 49ers secondary gets man
handled by Floyd. Floyd earns the #2 receiver job.

Game 9 Arizona Away against the Packers (7-1)
Cardinals play well but lose and fall to a 7-2 record because Aaron Rodgers is
un-stoppable. Cardinals struggle to stop GB from converting on third down and
Skelton struggles with a let down after a big Monday night win against the 49ers.
Fortunately the Bye week has arrived and the Cards get to reset the meter.

Bye-Week Arizona has gotten off to the quick start they wanted. Cardinals have moved on
from Kolb, Skelton proves to be a good starting QB in the league, the Cardinals young
defence has fulfilled their potential and Ryan Williams proves to be a special player.
Michael Floyd is starting to come on and Peterson is starting to build his Island.

Game 10 Arizona Away against the Falcons (7-2)
Cardinals return to play Atlanta for the first meaningful game since they met Atlanta in the
first round of the playoffs 4 years ago when they went to the Superbowl. The Falcons also
having a very good season which could be a potential playoff match up again this
season. The Cardinals drop to 7-3 and Skelton struggles again. The doubters come
out after a 3 interception game by Skelton.

Game 11 Arizona Home against St.Louis (7-3)
Cardinals find their groove again in the run game an on defence taking the pressure
off Skelton. Cardinals get back to what generated their early season success and
they put the ball in Ryan williams hands. They Run their way to a victory and a 8-3

Game 12 Arizona Away against the Jets (8-3)
The Cardinals make another east coast trip but this time come away with a
victory behind the arm of Skelton and the hands of #11. Improving to a 9-3 record.
Skelton regains his confidence and poise and invades Revis Island. Michael Floyd
has another big game picking up 3rd down after 3rd down.

Game 13 Arizona Away against the Seahawks (9-3)
The Cardinals face a much improved Seahawks team since week 1 and lose a tough
divisional battle dropping to 9-4. The offensive line struggles at false start
field and penalties hinder the Cardinals. It's the sloppiest game of the
season and ends without explanation. Some say they were looking past seattle who
is playing for pride at this point.

Game 14 Arizona Home against Detroit (9-4)
Another potential playoff matchup and a matchup between the two best WR's in
the league proves to be a loss dropping the Cardinals to 9-5. Calvin Johnson
and Matt Stafford hook up for huge yardage. The Cardinals just cannot keep up

Game 15 Arizona Home against Da'Bears (9-5)
After getting torched by the Lions at home, the pride of the Arizona defence
shows up and guides the Cadinals to a victory and a 10-5 record. The defecnce is
all over Jay Cutler and the secondary is swarming. This time it's the veteran
safeties Adrian Wilson and kerry Rhodes who dominate this game. The Cardinals
offence makes enough plays to win and it's on to San Francisco to play for the
division title.

Game 16 Arizona Away against the 49ers (10-5)
The Cardinals are 10-5 and the 49ers are 10-5. How does it end ?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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