Kevin Kolb By The Throws Against The Chiefs

Jul. 28, 2012; Flagstaff, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb (4) calls a play during training camp practice on the campus of Northern Arizona University. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

We already looked at John Skelton's throws. Now it is time to look at Kevin Kolb's. He only went 1/5 for 21 yards. However, it wasn't quite as bad as it looks. It isn't good, but it wasn't an abomination.

Hit the jump to see.

Throw 1: On first down, he made a back shoulder throw to DeMarco Sampson down the field. It was a very good throw, but Sampson bobbled the ball and it touched the turf. Incomplete.

Throw 2: Two plays later, from the shotgun, he makes the same throw to Sampson. Sampson makes the catch. Another good throw.

Pass attempt 3: This was sack. Rob Housler whiffed on the block in max protection. Kolb could not get the ball away because the receivers were covered.

Throw 3: Kolb was flushed out of the pocket. Kolb_flushed_medium

You can see the rush of five defenders. I was upset he ran right as he always does and essentially threw the ball away to Housler. But this graphic shows that stepping up wasn't an option. That was where there were defenders coming. Housler had not yet made his move. Perhaps he should have gotten the ball away right them to Housler. That is the only thing I could see he could have done.

Throw 4: Jeremy Bridges is to blame for this play. He let his man inside, taking away the step-up for Kolb. It would have been a sack, but Kolb managed to keep his balance and threw the ball low to Alfonso Smith. It was incomplete.

Throw 5: This was bad Kolb. He feels pressure and runs right and throws it incomplete. There was, though, the possibility to step up or shift his feet instead of fleeing.


He was looking right and without seeing the coaches' film, I wouldn't know what was on the left side, but since he was looking right, he did not step up or shift to the left. Had he shifted left, he probably could have had Anthony Sherman release for a solid gain. Like Skelton's last throw, this was not what you want to see from Kolb.

In the end, though, he did have a couple of positives. He can make a good back shoulder throw. That is a great thing. He reverted to fleeing right instead of taking a few steps in another direction, but he also had terrible protection.

Bottom line? Kolb didn't stand out except for the accurate back shoulder throw.

Skelton did decently, but had the turnover and did not face the pressure.

As it has been said, the Raiders game is crucial. It sounds like the starters will be in most of the first half. Expect to see a full quarter of both Kolb and Skelton. Maybe we will see some separation then.

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