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Halfway through preseason, so about time to start thinking about who will there Week 1 and who won't. Just like mock drafting gets some people through the off-season, predicting the roster gets me through the pre-season. Some really tough calls to make, and I am sure I will change my mind on some of the cuts in the next three weeks, but here goes...

Offense (25)

QB (3) - J. Skelton, Kolb, Lindley - I assume most will agree with me here, but don't see Bartel making the cut.

RB (4) - R. Williams, Wells, Stephens-Howling, A. Smith - Again, I would expect these guys are all pretty safe, but I could see Javarris James or William Powell making a strong case for a roster spot too.

FB (1) - Sherman - Am I crazy or is Sherman our top offensive player behind Fitz??

WR (6) - Fitzgerald, Roberts, Floyd, Doucet, Byrd, Sampson - I hate to say it but I think Stephen Williams never lives up to his first preseaon hype, now can LaRon Byrd??? Marcus Sampson gets my last roster spot on offense with his special teams ability.

TE (4) - Heap, King, Housler, S. Skelton - I think Steve Skelton edges Jim Dray out of one of the last roster spots on the team.

OT (3) - L. Brown, Batiste, Massie - I am not sure if Whiz is just trying to motivate Jeremy Bridges or if he sees something in Batiste, but I am going to roll with it and plug Batiste in my starting lineup.

OG (3) - Colledge, Snyder, Bridges - Bridges can't be happy with losing a starting spot in the preseason, but he is a professional and his versatility ensures his roster spot, edging out Senio Kelemete who I have headed to the practice squad.

C (1) - Sendlein - If Snyder can be the backup Center (which I think he has done in the past), then I think they try and hide Scott Wedige on the practice squad.

Defense (25)

DT (3) - D. Williams, Carter, Eason - I know Eason plays DT and DE, but I had to put him somewhere.

DE (3) - Campbell, Dockett, Talley - Start the hating, but I think Talley beats out Vonnie Holliday for a roster spot here.

ILB (4) - D. Washington, Bradley, Lenon, Walker - Like many of you I believe Stewart Bradley wrestles away the starting spot next to D Wash. I had such high hopes for Quan Sturdivant, but I don't think he has shown enough to get a roster spot.

OLB (5) - Acho, Schofield, Haggans, Groves, B. Williams - Groves has looked very promising and should probably move up past Haggans as the season progresses. I have also noticed Brandon Williams a few times this preseason, dare I say there is a little depth developing at the all-important OLB position.

CB (5) - P. Peterson, Gay, Toler, Fleming, A. Jefferson - Your eyes do not deceive you, I have Mike Adams missing the cut. I think Justin Bethel and James Sanders special teams play will make him expendable. I also think AJ Jefferson and Crezdon Bulter are neck and neck right now, but I think Jefferson will land that last CB spot.

SS (2) - A. Wilson, Gideon - Again, another surprise here, but I think the Cardinals finally accept the fact that Rashard Johnson has not lived up to his high draft status and give Blake Gideon a shot here.

FS (3) - Rhodes, J. Sanders, Bethel - Special teams play is the difference for both Sanders and Bethel as they both make the roster in a crowded defensive backfield.

Special Teams (3)

LS (1) - Leach - Love this guy, no competition for his roster spot and still see him down field making plays on punt coverage, even in the preseaon.

K (1) - Feely - I am pretty sure he led the team on kick coverage tackles in the Hall of Fame game.

P (1) - Zastudil - Ricky Schmitt has looked good in the preseason, but I think Dave Zastudil hangs on to his roster spot. Of course, I thought the same thing last year regarding Ben Graham.

Practice Squad (7)

Senio Kelemete (OG), Scott Wedige (C), DJ Young (OT), Larry Parker (CB), Paul Vassallo (ILB), Eddie Elder (FS), Ricky Lumpkin (DT) - I think both Nate Potter and DJ Young have potential, but I think Young is slightly ahead of Potter and will get the spot. I think Parker, Vassallo and Elder have all shown flashes, but could also see Zack Nash taking a spot away from one of the three. The Cards also always (at least I think always) carry at least one defensive lineman on the practice squad, Lumpkin gets the spot, unless he is no longer eligible, in which case I think the Cards go out and sign someone else after final cuts.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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