Stock Watch PS01: William Powell Edition

A few notes and a simple stock up/stock down assessment of the roster after the Kansas City game. If a player isn't listed, their performance neither helped nor hurt them. Snap decisions should be avoided; this is strictly to establish a performance trend and track some of the battles evolving on the verge of the roster.

If a player had a solid day overall with one ugly play, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. For example, both Sendlein and Wedige were man-handled by KC nose tackles in 1v1 assignments, but that's to be expected and not a deficiency on their part, in my opinion. As bad as we were, I had a tough time singling out any one player with multiple negative contributions. Seemed like a general, team-wide malaise. Let's not spend three+ days out of town anymore.

Stock Down

Whoever is Designing Crappy Plays
7 blockers, 5 rushers. Kolb fakes a hand-off to Smith, who sneaks across the line of scrimmage. Somehow, Housler is left by himself to block the ROLB (a rushing specialist in the 3-4). As Smith gets held up at the line, no surprise given the play-action, two receiving options are left on the field. Sack. 7 blockers, 5 rushers.

The QB's
One, two, THROW! One, two, THROW! All of our QB's need to get the ball out faster -- is this a coaching, scheme, or execution problem? All of the above?

QB Rich Bartel
Looked okay when he actually threw it but Bartel needs to be more decisive and make his reads faster. Too much time standing around led to turnovers.

Starting OL
They played the entire first half, which is usually a way to send a message. There were a few breakdowns but they could have been worse.

G Chris Stewart
But that goes without saying since he was cut shortly afterwards.

T Jeremy Bridges
Just an embarrassing day, punctuated by being demoted to Guard.

Stock Up

RB William Powell
You get 'em, tiger. He hasn't shown the consistency to get many carries in a real game, but spending a year on the practice squad has helped him immensely. Production on the ground, a catch (or two?) and pass protection effort get a player noticed. Can he keep it up?

WR Michael Floyd
It concerns me that they seem to prefer targetting Byrd over Floyd, but maybe it's familiarity. Floyd's blocking really stood out this week, though he needs to learn to tackle if he's going to keep playing special teams.

WR LaRon Byrd
Catching well and shows the awareness to get out of bounds. Already sixth on the depth chart (we usually keep 6 WR's).

TE Martell Webb
Blocking well and I believe he made a special teams tackle in the HoF game.

T D'Anthony Batiste
Didn't look all that great to me but he's our starting RT now, so good on him!

T Bobby Massie
Despite the RG's struggles next to him, Massie won his battles and clearly outmatched the bottom of the KC roster. We should get to see more of him with Bridges out of the way.

Stock Down

DE Darnell Dockett
The Chiefs had zero resistance attacking the left of our defense.

DE Vonnie Holliday
The Chiefs had zero resistance attacking the left of our defense. Holliday actually rebounded to have a nice couple of stops, but he showed that we don't want him starting.

ILB Reggie Walker
I stopped counting his missed tackles. He also needed an undrafted rookie to tell him where he was supposed to line up on a play.

OLB O'Brien Schofield
It was nice to see Schofield go out with a pressure & QB hit, but he was completely invisible the rest of the game. The Chiefs had zero resistance attacking the left of our defense, did I mention that? He needs to do a better job fighting off blockers, and there were several plays where he was jogging half-speed behind the play while Adrian Wilson and Sam Acho sprinted past him trying to catch up to the RB. Very disappointing.

OLB Clark Haggans
If you can't get to the QB when you're unblocked, I'm really not sure why you're being used as a pass-rusher.

CB Michael Adams
It's been fun, Money Mike.

Stock Up

NT Dan Williams
At least we have Dan and Calais. KC quickly gave up and handled these two by bouncing outside and running at the left side of our defense.

ILB Stewart Bradley
No flashy sack dance but Bradley brought pressure, did a better job tackling, and displayed the consistency he lacked in the HoF game.

ILB Colin Parker
Parker had a couple nice plays, including one chase to the sideline. Most importantly, he is playing second-team ILB behind Daryl Washington. We're talking first quarter snaps. There was one play where he directed Reggie Walker, a 4th-year player, to the correct pre-snap alignment.

ILB Quan Sturdivant
Huge rebound for Quan. Sideline-to-sideline, backfield, all kinds of plays. One ugly stumble in coverage.

OLB Quentin Groves
Groves looks more like a starter than Schofield. He needs to be on the second-team immediately so we can evaluate him against stiffer competition.

OLB Brandon Williams
Showed some quickness and won against their LT and LG, leading to a couple pressures, a hit, and the Rashad Johnson INT.

CB A.J. Jefferson
Maybe it's the "Brady Quinn Effect," but Jefferson looked fast, physical and decisive.

CB Larry Parker
Parker doesn't have elite physical talent but he's doing a great job in a reserve role. Practice squad candidate.

Other CB's Not Named "Michael Adams"
Peterson, Gay, Fleming and Green did a great job in run support. I can't wait to see Fleming start against OAK.

As always, I am looking forward to your disagreement, game balls and/or dark horses. Who is standing out to you?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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