Its time somebody hits the panic button and we start the "Pray for Bray" campaign!

So after assessing our QB & O-Line situation these last few games, we have to tear it down and start back over. Unless the play of both positions dramatically improve, we are potentially looking to have a Ram like season (No disrespect to the rams fans).I have read from various different websites and newpapers stating "The Cardinals are one of, if not the worst teams in the NFL". This being said, we could be looking at a high draft pick so lets look at a few potential options with a top 5 pick after the jump.

People might say "Why don't we draft an O-Lineman, so when have a guy he isn't getting killed?"

My answer: When has that ever worked?

QBs can single-handedly take teams from the dumps to the riches i.e. Peyton Manning and the Colts, Eli Manning and the Giants, Phillip Rivers and the Chargers, Matthew Stafford and the Lions, Matt Ryan and the Falcons etc.

Time for our potential draftees:

Matt Barkley - This is a no go for me. Matt Leinart - Enough said.... Not a big fan of any USC QB ever being drafted high because in the last 10+ years USC Qb's have never sustained constant success in the NFL.That's something this franchise NEEDS.I also don't believe his arm is good enough to make all of the NFL type throws (tight windows, deep balls,opposite hash mark throws)

Tyler Wilson - This is a very interesting guy to me. I think he has all of the athleticism and arm talent to make it in the NFL, but to me there is a something missing to me when i watch him play. Hopefully he puts it all together this year because I think he could be a great NFL QB. One other negative (not much of a negative) but he will turn 24 by this time next season.

Logan Thomas - Best athlete at the QB position and is drawing comparisons to Cam Newton due to his build (6'6 260lbs) and athleticism. But he is just a few years removed from being a backup TE, and I dont see him making an impact in the NFL right away but could be a great project to blossom into an NFL star - but a project is something that will not help us.

Landry Jones- I loved this guy a year ago, but he digressed. He is another guy I think has all of the tools to make it in the NFL, but hasn't put it all together. IF he does, I don't have a problem drafting him.


Tyler Bray- PRAY FOR PRAY as I like to say.......When I watch this kid play he has it all, its as simple as that. He has the arm, the smarts, athleticism, I think he has it all. The only problem is he might not come out next year because he is only a Junior. Also, he did break his thumb last season, but i do not think that he has any injury risk tied to him.

Just a quick post on the Hypothetical situation that we end up with a TOP 5 draft pick in this years draft.

Any other guys you think we could end up with if we finish with a Top 5 pick?

TO CLARIFY : This post wasn't meant to say we finish 2-14 and the team sucks. It was a IF we end up sucking WHO would you like to see us draft. We haven't even seen the team in action for a full game with a game plan, so in no way shape or form am i jumping ship. Was just a quick 10 minute post (as you can tell) to see what you thought of the QB talent coming out of the draft, nothing more. Sorry for the mix up.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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