Getting QB help from...the Web?

You know our QB situation is not just a local news phenomenon but actually is beginning to garner national attention. Attached below is a web sampling from various sites and cities with fans discussing our franchise and some rather intriguing or dare I say, possible QB solutions?

How other teams could possibly be of help to us, especially Seattle:

Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards for Fitz? Regards, Andy Reid

After what you gave up for that bust from Philly what will you offer us Phins for the 12th rated passer last season in Moore?

@mintberrycrunch1 If the Cards want to give my ‘Skins a few picks, they can have Cousins. We’re a bit short on draft picks at the moment. But he’s not a veteran… hey, what about Grossman? There’s no way he’s beating out Kirk and he’s only terrible for 1-3 throws per game. The rest of the time he’s quite respectable. Maybe having a ball Hoover like Fitz will help cut down on his picks? And yes, I said "ball Hoover." Don’t get all Beavis and Butt-head on me.

Campbell from the Bears for Peterson or Floyd. Done and done.

You know the QB situation isn’t good when the possibility of Tarvaris Jackson getting cut by Seattle and signed by AZ is exciting.

T-Jack? How about calling Jeff George? Or Randall Cunningham? Or see if Tim Couch has anything left in the tank? When is Tarvaris going to realize he’s not an NFL QB? Hang up the cleats, dude.

Maybe they should save the money they would pay TJack, and get an O-Line.

Tarvaris? I mean, he’s fine. But all that does is give you three guys who aren’t quite good enough, which is worse than having two.

Armchair GM’s and Scouts VS. our Front Office & the "Whiz":

"Whisenhunt not ready to name a starter?" Mainly because he does not have a starter on the roster.

Only team in the NFL with 4 third-string quarterbacks.

I know the preseason doesn’t matter but... Arizona may be in line for the first pick overall. It’s not all the QBs... That offensive line is terrible!

I believe Skelton is a mediocre qb at best. Kolb plays timid most of the time and is suspect when the pocket collapses on him. That being said, their left tackle is getting them KILLED! You can’t even take a three step drop without being met by a d-end due to a blown assignment from the tackle. I feel bad for the team, especially a class act like Larry Fitzgerald, who, despite my allegiance to the Detroit Lions is the best Wide Receiver in the NFL!

Don’t understand why the cards have a hard time finding a QB when there are plenty of guys to choose from. I feel sorry for LFG if he has to go another year without a legitimate QB to throw him the ball. The cardinals organization is not dealing their cards right, if T-Jacks is the best you can come up with, that’s a shame.

Crappy positions to be in if you’re running a team. But, entirely self inflicted….When T Jackson might be the answer; you’ve got a serious problem.

On a serious note … Of all the backup QBs coming out of training camp, The best so far in preseason games have been in Seattle, Philly, NY (Giants of course) Chicago, and Buffalo. Of those, the one that Arizona really has a shot with is the Bills backup Vince Young. He has the best arm of the bunch and can run for his life… A prerequisite for playing behind that awful line…

Why is EVERYONE naming QB’s left and right? I would be hollering out LT’s before QB’s. Did anyone watch the game? Or just going off of headlines? I don’t know which Offensive line is worse, them or the Jets. It doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball, when the QB has no protection what so ever. If your gonna throw QB’s out there as to who AZ should pick up, why not mention a left handed QB? At least then he could see his LT get beat 80% of the snaps and either step way up or take off to the left.

Matt Hasselback, Matt Moore, Dennis Dixon, Jeff Garcia, Tavaris Jackson, Donavan McNabb, Brian Hoyer, Troy Smith, Tyler Thigpen, Colt McCoy, Bruce Gradkowski, Byron Leftwich and Josh Johnson. Look into these guys you never know. I suggest Moore. Actually I kind would like them to stick with Skelton. And what they SHOULD have done was just trade a 3rd pick to the Broncos for Kyle Orton instead of going for Kolb. They would be so much better off now right now football wise and financially.

Well, if they had drafted Kirk Cousins like I thought they might, they wouldn’t be freaking out. We would also be treated to 6 starting rookie QB’s in the NFL instead of 5.

Other than stumbling onto a resurrected Kurt Warner, I cannot believe the misses this franchise has inflicted on itself at the QB position in the last five years. And now as the coup de grace, it appears that Nick Foles – whom they passed on after playing in their backyard – is better than anyone they’ve got.

More reasons to hate the 48er’s:

Yeah, I would be looking elsewhere. Qb is a big need there...They have the weapons...ooops! Their protection has issues…something they have to fix too...Thank god I’m not a Cardinal fan

So glad the Cards are in our division! We’ll be able to rest people those two games…

REALLY? REALLY? Have we fallen this far?

The Cardinals can sign that actor that played Brett Favre in that spoof video.

Sign Dennis Dixon.

Kyle Boller would probably come out of retirement.

Daunte Culpepper is busy playing rec softball in the Miami area. I’m not kidding, and he is good.

Jamarcus Russell is out there. Just let him only throw bombs from his knees!

I hear Ryan Leaf is looking for a work release program. You may have to lock up your Pain Meds but it’s worth a shot...

Are they still interested in Phil Simms?

I think Jeff Garcia is available. Also heard Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason are interested in trying out for the Arizona QB spot.

"Somebody looking for a quarterback, y’all?" -Brett Lorenzo Favre

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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