Stock Watch PS03:  Bubble

I'll go through my bubble boys and give a quick assessment of their chances. Unlisted players are either locks or cuts.

Bubble - Offense

Alfonso Smith - Good player but if they aren't going to use him, why keep him around?
William Powell - Powell went from a fringe player no one had ever heard of to the NFL's leading preseason rusher. Is he a good enough blocker and special teamer to make the roster?


Todd Heap - Unfortunately Heap is remembered for drops, missed blocks, and injuries. He has lacked the "want it" mentality on the field this preseason.
Jim Dray - Does he do anything well enough to beat out Steve?
Steve Skelton - I haven't paid enough attention to his blocking to give him an edge, but he plays a similar role on special teams to Jim Dray and has done a good job as a pass catcher.
Martell Webb - No one's talking about Webb but he is a good blocker and seems to be a solid special teamer as well. This is a good, young group of tight ends and I hope that if they keep Heap instead of one of these guys that he earns it.


Isaiah Williams - I've liked this guy since we brought him in last year, but I doubt anyone can unseat Byrd from the 6th WR job. Don't forget his speed, though.


T D'Anthony Batiste - Roster spot may depend on performance in final preseason game. He could go from starter to cut in two periods or less but he's been solid so far. Anyone realize he's 30?
T Nate Potter - I doubt Potter earns a roster spot but with this offensive line, who can know for sure? Prime practice squad candidate.
G/C Rich Ohrnberger - Pretty sure Ohrnberger makes the roster as a reserve.

Bubble - Defense

DE Ronald Talley - We won't be able to keep him around if we don't give him a roster spot. Good player.
DE/DT Nick Eason - I've never had a bad thing to say about his play but I believe Holliday is ahead of him and Talley has played extremely well. Will we keep 7?


OLB Clark Haggans - I dunno, man.
OLB Brandon Williams - Three passes defended, a couple of pressures and a handful of tackles. Looks uncomfortable at times but he's done a good job.
ILB Colin Parker - Climbed up the depth chart but hasn't done that much on the field. Practice squad?
ILB Quan Sturdivant - Has played well for the most part with a few dynamic plays. Practice squad?


A.J. Jefferson - He and Fleming have been the only ones that look like they want a job. Keeper.
Greg Toler - With lingering concerns about his knee, I'll be surprised if Toler makes the roster.
Mike Adams - Can't cover, can't tackle. Good special teamer but we have tons of those now.
Larry Parker - Looks very comfortable in coverage and has risen to the few challenges thrown his way. Practice squad candidate.


Rashad Johnson - I think we get mad at RJ because we want him to be great, but he's a solid reserve player who will occasionally flash (in good and bad ways).
James Sanders - Experienced veteran who has shown up on defense and special teams. It would be a shame to cut him, but is it worth keeping him over younger legs?
Blake Gideon - Expect to see a lot of Gideon in this last game. He's been active with 10 tackles and 1 interception. Practice squad candidate.

Other Practice Squad Candidates

T DJ Young - Maybe that whooping against Oakland was just nerves. There has to be some reason that we've kept him around this long, right...?
C Scott Wedige - With Ohrnberger moving to second-line center, Wedige is a very-long-shot.


NT Ricky Lumpkin - We kept him around last year and he's looked all right so far.
DE Everette Thompson - With Talley more than likely moving to a roster near you we'll want depth.
OLB Zach Nash - Another long-shot since he was already cut, but Nash made a splash with very limited opportunities. I won't be shocked if we see him again, but they may look to league cuts for a developmental pass rusher.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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