8-29-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings: More than just Practice

Aug. 17, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals running back (34) Ryan Williams runs the ball against the Oakland Raiders during a preseason game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Time for your links on August 29th, 2012, including a piece on how the Practice Squad, is taken much more than that, even for the players who have been on that list more than once.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Word From the Birds Blog | Top moments for Cards in Arizona
With the Cards embarking on their 25th season of playing in Arizona, the team is looking to the fans to come up with the list of their top moment (or moments) that the team has had since moving from St. Louis.

Word From the Birds Blog | Batiste in LT driver’s seat
The preseason finale sounds like it will be very, very important for left tackle D’Anthony Batiste and, on a slightly lesser level, right tackle Bobby Massie.

Early Shrugs At Isaac
Two days after Andrew devastated Miami, it showered southern Louisiana with waves of rain and uprooted trees with gusts of wind as strong as 92 mph. Doucet, then only 7 years old, watched a tree crash within inches of his family’s brown Buick Riveria in the driveway.

William Powell's Rush To Make Roster
He had signed with the Cards going into training camp, had been cut in Flagstaff and brought back when Ryan Williams went down with his patella injury. After the final cuts, Powell returned once again to the practice squad the final two weeks of the season as protection with Beanie Wells’ bad knee. And as he got ready for this preseason, he wanted to make sure he’d be ready for another 29-carry game, if it came to that.

Squad About More Than Practice
Dreams will be dashed by dinner time Friday, when teams have to cut from 75 to 53. But for eight players, the hope of playing in the NFL will be revived by noon Saturday, when teams can start signing their practice squad. They may toil in anonymity and they certainly don’t lead the most glamorous life, but practice squad players are an injury or a trade away from an NFL roster.

NFL News:

Patriots might play starters plenty in preseason finale - NFL.com
The New England Patriots are one of the rare teams that takes the final preseason game seriously, which could mean plenty of work for Tom Brady on Wednesday against the New York Giants.

Michael Vick is 'still sore,' trying new flak jacket - NFL.com
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will try anything to avoid another painful rib injury. Well, except avoiding big hits.

Jets' Sparano: 'We want touchdowns, not field goals' - NFL.com
Tony Sparano wants you to know the New York Jets want to score touchdowns, not field goals. More surprising is Sparano's assertion that Tim Tebow made several "big-time" throws Sunday.

Is Ryan Grant messing with us or joining the Jaguars? - NFL.com
Free agent running back Ryan Grant left a not-so-subtle hint on Twitter Tuesday night that he could be headed to Jacksonville. Or he's just messing with us. You decide.

Mike Wallace of Steelers has no regrets about absence - NFL.com
Mike Wallace told reporters Tuesday he was looking ahead to the season and has no regrets about his extended absence from Steelers camp. He'd like to remain with the team in the long term.

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