Cardinals Vs. Broncos: 5 Negatives From The Final Preseason Game

Aug. 30, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Denver Broncos cornerback Omar Bolden (31) stretches prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

No matter if the Cardinals won or lost last night, the score didn't matter. The offensive line showed that they can be decent in pass protection (albeit against second unit Broncos players) and Ryan Lindley showed great potential.

This was a game about the bubble guys fighting for a roster spot on the 53-man team. And when it comes to backups, not all is candy canes and lemon drops. Let's take a look at five negatives from last night's game.

Jay Feely's Missed FGs:

Ken Whisenhunt said, "We should have got some points on the first one [drive]," at halftime. Yeah, no kidding. The regular season is almost here, so seeing your kicker miss 40 yard field goals with no wind can be somewhat discouraging. Then, in the second half, he missed a 50 yard banger. Even though this is listed as a negative, I have full confidence in Feely. It's just that he has to capitalize on these opportunities during the regular season. Leaving points on the field is never a good thing.

Poor Run Blocking:

Beanie Wells ran pretty well behind the first unit offensive line, but after he left the game, it went downhill from there. The second unit was downright awful at giving any push for William Powell and the other backups. Understanding that they are the second unit and likely won't see much action together this season, it still would be nice to see them excel at at least one thing.

Bad Litmus Test:

Unfortunately, there really isn't much we can take from this game. It was the final preseason game for both teams and the Broncos, more so than the Cards, treated it as such. Peyton Manning and the first unit didn't even play, so it's difficult to judge how good our guys looked when they are going up against backups. I thought the pass protection was good in the first quarter, but it's too hard to tell. Ryan Lindley also looked decent at quarterback, but how good would he have been against Champ Bailey and Tracy Porter? Who's to know.

Omar Bolden Kickoff Return:

Bolden's 102 yard return was good for Sun Devil fans, but not for Cardinal fans. There was a breakdown in special teams coverage that allowed Bolden to tiptoe along the sidelines and score a touchdown for the Broncos. Also on the play, Javarris James was injured for the Cardinals. It was just a bad play overall.

This Is The End... For Some:

We would like all of these players to be able to play for the Cardinals this season. But in reality, that isn't possible. Players are going to get cut. There are 22 guys that we might not ever see again. Some will be moved to the practice squad, others will find homes with other teams, but then you have guys that are going to lose their jobs.

Cutting players is a difficult process. Sometimes you have so much depth at a position that you are forced to release guys that could make a significant contribution for your team. If they are good enough, other teams will pick them up, but it's sad to not see them in Cardinal Red.

What were your negatives from this game? Tell us in the comments section.

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