Preseason is over, What have we learned?

For some of you, you've learned I'm not just a casual Cardinal's fan as sited by this midnight article. Some of you know my loyalties as I have been part of this community for a few seasons now. Again I've been a fan of this team since I was 10 years old as bestowed by my father a Tempe resident in the 90's, FAN SINCE JAKE PLUMMER AND ROB MOORE IS THE NAME.

Moving on! We still have no answer for starting QB. I answer this by WIIFM, WHAT IN IT FOR ME, Kolb was the latest performer 17/22 looks pretty sexy???? Minus two underhand throws to the Titans, which takes me from 60% Kolb's favor to 51% Kolbs favor. But since the last QB WOW belongs to Kolb I believe he is the starter.

RB? What's new? Ryan Williams didn't blow out his knee, neither did Chris Beanie Wells. Both 1/2 respectively, Ryan as the 2, which as a Wells fan I think will change sooner rather than later. Number 3? does it really matter? LSH still a ST phenom maintaining a roster spot. Hopefully he can be a screen pass artist too!

FB? Shermanator? Really!? nuffsaid

WR? FITZ, DOUCET, ROBERTS. Roberts works best in the slot I think, why? Speed! Byrd and Williams for the round up.

TE? HEAP??? Legend??i guess? King and Housler who should blossom some time in this century. Prediction? Heap retires after this year Housler goes to No. 1

LT - due to the new rule we see Levi late.... Batiste will 50/50 get replaced by a waiver wire

LG, Colledge who is less than satisfactory, which in "Bidwell Language" is a success and is here for another year or two.

C. Sendelien, Yeah he's okay I get it, but can we please challenge him and YES! get a better center??

RG, Snyder? Were we just trying to little brother annoy the 49ers? Seriously! Nothing special, Nothing average, just average if that makes sense, please bring me a 2-3 year Vet instead, Snyder turns into our 2012 Bryant Mcfadden

RT!? Bobby Massie, average and below this year, ROOKIE HELLO!? Very good RT in the latter half of the year.

LOLB/ROLB - SCHO AND CHO give us exactly what YOU are expecting this year! enough said.

MLB - D Wash? Very good year, nothing to gather league attention (media) but the players will know who he is after this year.

CB? Nothing special. PP21?! Yes he starts gets a pick or two, teams respect him and he garners not enough attention for the National Media but we see as the season progresses how great this guy is!

GAY!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, also a Bryant Mcfadden, loses his no2 job sooner rather than later.

Fleming, the real deal!

Bethel, great special teamer! Is he another Money Mike?! Or does he shine in coverage too!? You as I will have to wait.

FS - Rhodes is Rhodes, probably gets injured for a week or 5, Rashad Johnson backup? YEAH! MAYBE FOR A GAME OR TWO AND QUICKLY OUTSHINNED BY OTHER TALENTED DB'S and Rashad after this year, CUT!

SS, duh! ADRIAN WILSON, lets hope he doesnt get hurt? Blake Gideon as a backup? I THINK SO!

P yes that guy?

K Feely? yes him too, but don't be surprised by a Nick Folk type cut given his week 4 performance. But hey! We all love Feely as we did Neil Racker's right?

LS? whats a long snapper?

Hey argue with me! I don't care I'll be at work sneaking peeks at my FANPOST! I'll reply if I think you are worthy!? or I think I can compete verbally with you! LOL LOVE THIS SITE, LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF YOU COMMENTERS!, #BIRDGANG STRONG! EVEN LOVE AZRETIREE! HONESTLY THINK THAT GUY IS A LEGIT CARD'S FAN! Hey give me some love on this post! It's not like I've drunkenly typed it up after 6 Bud Light Cardinal's beers, I've invested time in these 667 words!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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