Is John Skelton Starting Because of Potential or Durability?

After reading through many of your comments on John Skelton Starting a thought accord to me. Is Skelton starting because he is the better QB or is it because he is the tougher QB?

I understand that the decision probably had more to do with his veteran-like pocket awareness and steady improvement over the past few years, but the thought actually has some legitimacy.

Here's why...

I didn't want to trade for Kevin Kolb. It wasn't because I didn't like him as a QB but because I don't believe trading for a QB is smart. Once Kolb was here I believed he was the best QB on the roster and rallied to his camp.

All off-season I was confident that Kolb would take control of this team and be the QB the team needed to take them to the next level. He could spread the ball and read a defense, something I didn't Skelton able to do yet. Many of the die-hard Skelton fans seemed latched on for silly reasons in my opinion, like his W-L record )which I still believe was despite of him, not because of him). They also said that Kolb was too fragile.

Preseason 2012 rolls around and Kolb looks really bad his first three games and gets injured in the first game of the season, proving the detractors of Kolb right. I was actually shocked at how bad he played. Skelton played well enough that I was convinced I was wrong and hopped onto the Skelton Bandwagon.

Game four came around and Skelton looked bad behind a porous line and took some shots. Kolb looked good, kind of, escaped injury and made me think; "Okay, if this guy gets time he can move the ball." I thought the progress he made moving and throwing from the pocket was marked and meant Kolb had won the job back.

Turns out I was wrong yet again (and being in a relationship I am finding I am not often right anymore...). Skelton won the job. However Skelton played just okay, definitely not good enough to outright win the job. Getting the job like that led me to the question about what it was that got him the job?

I read some members theories that believe because the offensive line sucks Skelton will likely lose the first three games and Kolb will come in against two easy teams giving him the opportunity to look good.

I think the line of thought is on to something. Skelton may have gotten the nod over Kolb because the line is going to be shaky these first few games. Kolb will not be able to handle the pressure and possibly the hits. Skelton will.

I believe John Skelton won the QB battle not because he is a better QB than Kolb (at this moment) but because he can take a hit.

Watching Kolb dissect the Tennesse Titans defense in the two minute drill was impressive. I do not believe Skelton is at that level yet. I do believe however that Skelton has the ability to get there and because of his durability he gives the Cardinals a better chance to win.

Think I'm crazy? Let me hear it.

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