Stock Watch PS00: Hall of Fame Reaction

A few notes and a simple stock up/stock down assessment of the roster after the Hall of Fame game. If a player isn't listed, their performance neither helped nor hurt them. Snap decisions should be avoided, especially after just one game; this is strictly to establish a performance trend and track some of the battles evolving on the verge of the roster.

Stock Down

QB Kevin Kolb
... ... ... siiigh...

WR Jaymar Johnson
A key drop on third down is a good way to chop yourself off the bottom of a depth chart.

C Scott Wedige
Started off the game pretty well with D.J. Young and Senio Kelemete on the left side. Beaten badly at least two times later in the game.

G Russ Hochstein
Struggled with what few snaps he did get.

T Nate Potter
Had a few decent plays but took a beating too many times.

T D'anthony Batiste
Too many mistakes at a deep position.

Stock Up

RB Alfonso Smith
Looked pretty good at times last year; looks like a legitimate NFL running back this year.

WR LaRon Byrd
Looking good in camp and looking good in games go a long way towards making the roster. Still, we've heard this story ad nauseum for years.

TE Rob Housler
Housler might be ready for primetime. One crucial drop on third down hurt but his blocking was actually excellent all day (except one play late in the game); he blocked at the point of attack three plays on the Smith TD drive alone. Also made a tackle on a punt late.

TE Steve Skelton
Couple of nice catches, moved around on offense some, and plays special teams. Has a chance to overtake Dray, but probably isn't a good-enough blocker yet.

G Senio Kelemete
Seemed comfortable and didn't jump out because of mistakes. Could be farther along than anticipated.

T D.J. Young
Had a pretty solid game, I thought. Our #3 or #4 OT, would probably be in the starting mix if they had him at RT.

Stock Down

OLB Brandon Williams
Looked indecisive rushing the passer but he did have a nice pass deflection early. Ended up missing a couple tackles on special teams, which hurts a reserve player's value. Wasn't a disaster, but will need to improve.

OLB Clark Haggans
Got embarrased in coverage and his only value as a pass rusher comes from running the circle. Is this finally the year?

ILB Quan Sturdivant
Can't make a career out of being a no-show. Got a ton of snaps, too.

CB Michael Adams
If this wasn't the worst day for any Cardinal not named Kevin Kolb, I clearly missed something. The number of times I wrote down "Adams SUCK" just started to get a little sad by the end. I only have him down for two missed tackles but it felt like more. He was beaten by the same route two plays in a row, and slid harmlessly off the receiver the second time (first was a poor throw). Looks like he's trying to be the odd man out.

CB William Gay
This was probably just a bad day but let's not fool ourselves into thinking Gay is anything special -- he's a borderline starter at best, and if he keeps this up, he won't be starting for long.

CB Greg Toler
Toler just looks slow. He gets outrun trying to block a gunner on special teams, and he's giving way too big a cushion in coverage.

CB Marshay Green
Green is still on the team...?

S Rashad Johnson
Too many missed tackles for a player that might have to start. Vastly outplayed by Rhodes, Sanders, Bethel and Gideon. Could be the end.

Stock Up

DE Ronald Talley
Talley came to play, with a pass deflection and a hand in several tackles. Good hustle all day.

DE Landon Cohen
Great showing for Cohen, starting in the third when he chased a back 10 yards to make a stop. Did well to read a screen play when half the defense was chasing the QB and got nice penetration a couple of times, leading to one TFL.

OLB Quentin Groves
Once Groves hit the field, the Saints knew it. Blew up a RB for one of the best TFL's of the game and did a nice job sealing the edge all day. He did a good job getting downfield on special teams as well. Ended missing a tackle but he flashed.

ILB Stewart Bradley
It was worth the wait for the sack dance alone. Stew made several mistakes, actually. He missed a tackle or two, got knocked over trying to jam a running back, and broke coverage to chase the QB which directly resulted in a long third-down conversion. He saw a lot of time, though, and much of it was good.

ILB Paul Vassallo
A special teams tackle and a nice TFL on his last down of the game could help him push onto the practice squad. Sturdivant, look out.

S Justin Bethel
Well, this kid is making the roster!

S Blake Gideon
I am surprised by how much I liked Gideon's day (I was down on this signing after watching him struggle in the East-West Shrine Game). It wasn't just the end-zone INT, either. He was in on a bunch of stops around the line of scrimmage and looked like a guy who started 40 games in college.

S Eddie Elder
I don't think Elder got that many snaps but he made a couple of stops, including one brutal forced fumble that everyone remembers. We have some competition at safety this year.

P Ricky Schmitt
Both of the punters did a great job today. Schmitt made a case for making a roster even if it doesn't turn out to be ours.

I went through the game twice but you always miss something. Let me know if you agree or disagree on some of the players.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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